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Apr 16, 2020

How Gilbert’s Sausage Forecasting Went from Wurst to Best

Gilbert’s Craft Sausages are leading the pack. With products that are tasty, healthy and convenient, even the packaging is designed to reduce waste.  Eric Rombert, a partner at Gilbert’s wanted to find a tool capable of taking over the forecasting process by running reliable, automated forecasts for his products. He also wanted to find a technology designed to work well for a small but growing business.

Eric loved the potential for Crip’s automated forecasting to save him time and reduce human error. “Crisp takes the data directly from our orders and automatically delivers a forecast. The room for error is basically zero because instead of copying and pasting from a PDF into Excel, the data comes straight from our orders in QuickBooks.”

The partnership with Crisp has made the team at Gilbert’s confident and better-prepared for production planning. While a home-made recipe is a great way to make sausage, automated forecasting with Crisp is a fresher way to grow a business.

Click here to read the full Gilbert's Craft Sausages Case Study with Crisp.


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