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Webinar: Insider Tips To Succeed With Grocery Retailers

Success as a food brand hinges on landing partnerships with major retailers and growing your presence on the shelves. But for many emerging brands, it’s hard to crack the code on becoming your retail buyer’s favorite supplier. In our newest webinar, I sat down with Crisp’s own Product Manager Jordon White for insider tips from his time at Walmart and General Mills. Here’s a sneak peek at what we discussed:

A day in the life of a category manager
Jordon shared the metrics that Walmart's category managers review at the start of each day, what their biggest priorities were, and the concerns that keep merchandisers up at night.

How to get your foot in the door
Jordon and I discuss the key criteria retailers use to evaluate a new supplier, and how to convince them you’re worth taking a chance on. These days, sales is more about numbers than giving out samples of your product, so we dive into the key metrics you’ll need for a successful pitch. 

You’ve landed a big retail account. What’s next?
Getting onto the shelves of a major retailer is a huge accomplishment -- but the work has just begun. Jordon shares what is expected of food brands to not only maintain that prized shelf space, but strategically grow to new locations. You’ll also learn how to ace the quarterly meeting with your buyer while avoiding their biggest pet peeves.

What food suppliers get wrong about the retail relationship
Far too often, food brands fail to understand their role in a successful partnership. If you think your retailer is planning to help drive awareness of your product, think again. In addition to owning your product’s velocity, your role is also to supply another critical ingredient: data.

The COVID-19 factor
We discuss how the pandemic has impacted the supplier-retailer relationship, and what buyers need to see from you in order to ensure mutual success during such a turbulent time for the supply chain. 

A roadmap to retail success is hard to find, which is why we’re so excited to share Jordon’s valuable insights with you. Access our on-demand webinar today for the inside scoop that can help your food brand succeed.

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