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Brand Loyalty

Keep your brand their favorite brand.

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The combination of favorite brands simply out-of-stock and the economic pressures faced during the pandemic has led consumers to an entirely new willingness to try new or house brands. The question is whether the new brands can maintain loyalty or how traditional brands can incentivize customers to return. Without good data, suppliers and retailers are at a loss to understand how to react intelligently to maximize their opportunities.


Crisp provides insight into how consumers switch between substitute products over time. Suppliers and retailers need to see the effects of making product changes. Using robust statistical modeling technology, Crisp helps users to understand details such as:

  • What consumers buy when they aren’t following historical buying patterns
  • Which consumers start buying new products, and what products they stopped buying at the same time
  • How these trends change over time, and vary by store or customer segment

Understand your channel growth with the Crisp Dashboard.

Crisp - Channel Growth
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