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Food shopping has changed. Are you ready?

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There has never been a higher level of interest in online grocery shopping, as consumers increasingly prefer a safer and more convenient shopping experience. The question for retailers who have been used to seeing only a small fraction of their sales transact online is whether they can keep up with the trend. They need to make the shift to much, if not most of their sales occurring via eCommerce. Their success will depend heavily on their ability to actually deliver the items displayed online. Stockouts mean online shoppers go elsewhere to find what they need.


Crisp gives you a real-time view of your inventory. By continuously monitoring the sales of all products in all stores, Crisp can detect unusually low (or high) sales volumes that indicates a likely stock out. It helps users to:

  • Identify likely out of stock incidents, including where and when they occurred.
  • React quickly and decisively to ensure appropriate inventory levels
  • Reveal the financial impact of out of stock instances, such as lost sales by product, by category, or by store.

Understand your channel growth with the Crisp Dashboard.

Crisp - Channel Growth
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