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Product Demand

How fast can you supply new supply?

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The food supply chain has had to pivot the distribution of food in order to accommodate the drop in restaurant demand, thousands of college students sent home from the dorms, and a hotel industry filled with empty rooms. All the while there has been an increase in home-cooked meals and grocery store demand. How can suppliers, brokers and distributors adjust production, packaging and pricing quickly without missing opportunities or creating excessive waste?


Organizations are best positioned to adjust to changes when they have detailed, actionable forecasts about demand for their products. Crisp provides a real time demand forecast solution by combining statistical analysis of past sales with known effects of holidays, promotions, seasonality and more. AI and machine learning ensure highest accuracy which improves over time. With Crisp’s forecasting solution, users can:

  • View detailed, SKU and customer-level forecasts for all their products
  • Get insight into how product line or store changes will affect demand
  • Understand the drivers that influence sales of their products, including rare events

Understand your channel growth with the Crisp Dashboard.

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