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Case Study

Making the Nounós creamery run smoother

Crisp helps Nounós forecast more precisely, making their production process more efficient.

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Prior to forecasting with Crisp, Nounós Creamery had to export information from both their inventory management system and their accounting software into spreadsheets and then compare the different data to manually create a comprehensive report. This was both a complicated and time consuming task.

Because of the incompatible data, the team at Nounós Creamery was struggling to parse the information and create accurate forecasts. This made production planning quite difficult, often leaving the team to guess how much yogurt and which flavors to produce.

Nounós wanted to be able to tell the production team how much of each flavor of yogurt that they need to make. They needed a smarter system.


Nounós Creamery partnered with Crisp for weekly demand forecasting, improving Nounós’ production process.

“Crisp automatically imports our data for immediate forecasts. We can put in estimates for sales orders as we see fit and plan effectively for our production team,” said Ken Rotunno, Senior Financial Officer at Nounós Creamery.

Real Results


Time Savings
“Data automatically uploads daily from QuickBooks to Crisp and Crisp changes the projections on the spot. I click two buttons and everything is ready to export. What used to take 1-2 hours now takes 10 minutes,” said Ken.

Measured Efficiency
More timely projections helps Nounós Creamery  anticipate actual expected demand, creating a more efficient manufacturing process.

Improved Profitability
More accurate weekly forecasting helps Nounós Creamery prevent overproduction and avoid low inventory.

What used to take 1-2 hours now takes 10 minutes.

Ken Rotunno
Senior Financial Officer
Nounós Creamery

Nounós Creamery

Before CRISP

  • Short on orders about 10% of the time
  • Inevitable overproduction
  • 2 hours per week on forecasting


  • Virtually NEVER short on orders
  • Overproduction reduced 40%
  • 10 minutes/week on forecasting

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