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With Crisp’s data insights, Outstanding Foods is in hog heaven.

With Crisp, Outstanding Foods has all the data they need at their fingertips, which has helped them grow and expand like never before.


A natural brand with mainstream ambition

Outstanding Foods’ plant-based, protein-packed snacks are disrupting the snack category one region at a time. It began when Dave Anderson, a well-known LA vegan chef and creator of the Beyond Burger, teamed up with entrepreneur Bill Glaser to create ultra-tasty pigless pork rinds and better-for-you puffs full of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Outstanding Foods may have started in the founders’ backyard of Los Angeles, but they knew their natural brand could achieve mainstream success. When they signed to Whole Foods and started showing strong sales numbers right off the bat, the next step was to expand to other regions, conventional retailers, and convenience stores. But how would they make the case to buyers? The answer was with data, so the team spent over 10 hours pouring through distributor reports each month.

“We needed to find a more efficient and effective way to look at our data,” recalls VP of Sales Bobbie Turco. That’s when they turned to Crisp.


Crisp surfaces an outstanding sales story

Now, the Outstanding Foods team has data at their fingertips to drive sales and keep expanding. They’ve moved from laborious monthly reporting to quick weekly reports that their entire leadership team can easily digest. “Crisp gathers data from multiple different sources and brings them into one place so that we can look at everything holistically. For small brands like ours, that’s incredibly important,” Bobbie says. Her team sends their UNFI velocity reports to buyers to make the case for expansion – for instance, touting strong numbers in the South and Northeast to gain additional retail locations there. “Crisp has helped us provide strong regional sales data to retailers that shows we’re not just a West Coast brand, we’re seeing success nationally,” Bobbie explains. 

As a result, the business has grown to over 3,000 stores at locations like Walmart and 7-Eleven, far away from where the Outstanding team has boots on the ground. So they rely on Crisp’s Voids Dashboard to identify any issues that might keep products from flying off the shelves. By tracking velocity and voids, they’re proactive in communicating with brokers, who can then do their jobs better. And with an eye on underperforming stores, they can also design IRC promotions to boost sales. The team even uses Crisp to manage inventory as they roll out a naming and packaging change for their puffs.

Results they crave:

• Moved insights from monthly to weekly across the company

• Measured velocity to create compelling stories for buyers

• Identified voids across national distribution channels

• Designed successful promotions to boost sales

• Tracked inventory to manage a packaging redesign

Favorite Insights:

Voids at risk:

Crisp’s proprietary model detects locations where a product should be selling, but isn’t.

“Crisp has helped us provide strong regional data to retailers that shows we’re not just a West Coast brand, we’re seeing success nationally.”

Bobbie Turco
VP of Sales

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