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Crisp helped Peekaboo scoop out their hidden data.

With Crisp, Peekaboo knew exactly where products were trending so they could keep sales growing.


Hide veggies, not insights
In 2018, long-time scoop shop owner Jessica Levison had to learn to satisfy a different type of customer: her kids. Determined to give her veggie-averse children more nutrients, she developed delicious ice cream flavors that secretly included a full serving of vegetables, and Peekaboo Organics was born. Peekaboo’s organic ice creams packed with hidden veggies are now available around the country at Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, Earth Fare, and other outlets. 

Interest in Jessica’s better-for-you treats grew quickly, but she was forced to navigate the impacts of the pandemic and refocus her product distribution. Data was critical, so Jessica and her supply chain manager did their best to collect and dissect data from various vendor portals. “Before Crisp, even thinking about data was overwhelming and infuriating,” Levison remembers. She wanted quick access to insights so she could focus her time on taking action instead of spending hours manipulating spreadsheets. When she heard about Crisp, she didn’t hesitate.


Data is always the first ingredient
Jessica now has the data she needs at her fingertips, which drives the brand’s strategy across departments. Crisp is saving her Director of Supply Chain alone 2-3 hours per weekly report, but Jessica also loves that anyone on her team can get into data. “With Crisp, anyone can understand what’s going on in the business — and not just at a high level, but at a granular level that can drive action,” she says. When the team was re-prioritizing distribution, Crisp’s Velocity Dashboards were critical. “Data really helped us determine where we are strong, where we should be leaning in, and where we might want to scale back,” she explains. 

The Peekaboo team also uses Crisp to identify sales and marketing opportunities. After appearing on Shark Tank late last year, they’ve seen sales grow across retail, DTC and e-commerce. Using Crisp’s heat maps, they target advertising and social media campaigns based on growing points of distribution, and identify slower performing areas where they may want to pivot their marketing strategy. On the sales side, Jessica monitors high-level trends (like sales for their new Unicorn and Cookie dough flavors), then drills down to re-orders to make sure customers always have enough product and sales keep growing.

Revealing Results:

2-3 hours saved per weekly vendor report 

Refined distribution strategy to drive velocity

Targeted marketing campaigns with higher ROI

Drove re-orders to keep products in stock

Favorite Insights:

Velocity by State:

Maps units per store per week across a product’s distribution

“With Crisp, anyone can understand what’s going on in the business — and not just at a high level, but at a granular level that can drive action.”

Jessica Levison
Founder and CEO

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