Case Study

Crisp built
REMA 1000 a
next generation vendor portal.

Now that managers, analysts and suppliers can easily share data through Crisp’s platform, there’s a single source of truth for REMA 1000.


REMA 1000 needed to share data with 100s of suppliers.

As consumer behavior evolves rapidly, leading Scandinavian retailer REMA 1000 relies on data to consistently meet demand and boost profitability while reducing waste. Facilitating real-time and actionable data-sharing with hundreds of suppliers required a new and innovative approach. After evaluating several alternatives, they turned to Crisp to build a world-class data-sharing portal: REMA Connect.


Partner with Crisp to build a modern data-sharing portal.

With Crisp’s REMA Connect, the retailer shares up-to-date sales and supply chain data with top suppliers, driving transparency to reduce costs, increase supply chain efficiency, and grow revenue for both REMA 1000 and its brand partners. REMA 1000’s category managers, analysts, and suppliers can see all their critical data metrics in one place, with a single version of the truth as the foundation for collaboration. For example, when launching new products, REMA 1000 and its suppliers track velocities in a standardized way alongside other KPIs, working together to evaluate success and adapt as needed.

By sharing distribution and supply chain data, REMA 1000 also improves operational efficiency. REMA 1000’s teams monitor the flow of goods, plan pricing adjustments based on actual inventory and sales, and work with suppliers to identify and resolve service level issues proactively — keeping shelves stocked and customers happy. By providing different teams access to the same data, REMA Connect has also helped the company make better data-driven decisions internally.

How Suppliers use REMA Connect

• Monitor voids, store-level sales, and category data to grow their business

• Make timely course corrections with access to daily and weekly data (available faster than syndicated data sources)

• Compare service levels by warehouse to improve transportation and logistics, and view order volumes and forecasts to improve operational planning.

Monitor the launch performance of new products, with a better understanding of REMA 1000’s product rollout workflow.

Results they crave:

• New revenue stream created through supplier data offering

• Better collaboration between REMA 1000 and its suppliers 

• Faster, more data-driven decisions within the company

Time savings with Crisp’s easy-to-use platform

Favorite Data Set:

Substitute / Complement Insights:

Predictive insights into shopping patterns help REMA 1000 category managers and business analysts understand a product’s category position and refine merchandising strategies.

“Crisp’s platform makes it easy for our team to collaborate with suppliers in real time, helping us better serve our customers and grow revenue while also enabling suppliers to succeed.” 

Cecilie Jarlsbo,
Head of Data & Insights Commercialization

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