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Case Study

With Crisp, SkinTē sees the beauty in data

The Crisp platform allows the SkinTē team to identify promising growth areas where marketing can add more fuel to the fire.


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"Is what we're doing really working?"
SkinTē is the world’s first sparkling collagen tea, serving consumers at the intersection of health, wellness, and beauty. Since launching in 2019, SkinTē has quickly grown to nationwide availability at Sprouts, with a regional presence among retailers including Albertsons, Fresh Market, Fresh Thyme, and more. 

C.J. Roberts, SkinTe’s head of Sales and Marketing, is a data power user: a strong understanding of the numbers is core to the strategic direction of his departments. He keeps an eye on purchase and sell-through data to ask, “is what we’re doing really working?” But as SkinTē grew, C.J. was spending an hour or two at a time downloading data and creating pivot tables to answer those questions. 


Getting early signals to drive growth
With Crisp, C.J. can instantly access all the data he needs for any product or retail partner. One of his favorite visualizations is the sales heat map, which he uses to find gaps in SkinTē’s coverage or find promising growth areas where marketing can add more fuel to the fire. Using sales and velocity insights in board or retail presentations, he can showcase an area that’s showing promise with limited marketing spend and advocate for additional access or resources. 

C.J. also says that Crisp has helped him get earlier signals from the market when launching new products -- something he relies on heavily in addition to qualitative feedback. As C.J. explains, getting early signals is critical to “getting out of your own head” after being knee-deep in the product launch process, and helps inform marketing and messaging. “Make a great product, and listen to consumers - they’ll guide you in the decisions you make as a company,” he explains. 

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Gorgeous Results:

• 1-2 hours saved per data query

• Improved marketing ROI with more targeted spend

• Faster, more accurate signals on new product launches

• More productive conversations with retail buyers

Favorite Insights:

Sales by Zip Code:

Heat maps of product sales that can be drilled down to the zip code.

If you don’t understand your business based on the data, you’re driving blindly.

C.J. Roberts
Head of Sales and Marketing


Always be Data Ready with Crisp

Crisp allows food brands and retailers to stay ahead of rapidly evolving consumer behavior, identify potential supply chain disruptions, track inventory and product performance. It’s easy and quick to get started so you can be Data Ready.
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