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Split fuels national brand growth with Crisp data.

Split can now make split-second decisions with confidence while monitoring high-level trends for 3,000 stores nationwide.


Big wins call for better data.
A sports nutritionist and a chef-cyclist sit down to dinner…it’s not the beginning of a joke, it’s how Split Nutrition was born. After spending a year developing a high-quality product free of preservatives and additives, Split Nutrition was ready to hit retail shelves in late 2018.

Designed as a delicious, wholesome alternative to on-the-go energy products, Split’s patented packs contain pure nut butter and fresh fruit preserves for a portable PB&J. 

Split’s Sales Director Bruce Weyman is an industry veteran, and his early plan was to launch regionally in Southern California and steadily build a case for future expansion. But to his delight, Split Nutrition was signed nationally to Whole Foods in a matter of months. With this overnight growth, it became clear that keeping track of distribution and sales couldn’t be done by manually pulling vendor reports: he needed a serious solution. As Bruce says, “If you don’t have the data, you’re just going off of experience and feel. You don’t build a $50-100 million company that way.” So he turned to Crisp.


Split satisfies their appetite for scale.
Now managing product placement at over 3,000 stores nationwide, Bruce relies on Crisp dashboards to monitor high-level trends and prioritize areas that need his attention. “Crisp is one of the first things I open up on the computer each morning,” Bruce says. “It’s our mission control.” He uses Crisp’s dashboards to evaluate trade spend, drilling down to the DC level to see how each product is moving as a result of marketing efforts. Quickly getting to the details is especially important when top-line sales numbers are growing and spiking as new stores and DCs come online.

As a retail pro, Bruce also keeps an eye on one all-important metric: velocity. For each retailer or distributor, Bruce needs to know the region, store, and product combinations that drive their business forward. From there, his team can ensure they hit velocity targets to exceed buyer requirements and retain stores. By finding signals in the noise, Bruce says Crisp has helped Split thrive in the big leagues: “There’s so much data available, but the key is to find what’s meaningful. I have a lot more useful information at my fingertips than other brands.”

Energizing Results:

• Evaluated lift and ROI from trade spend 

• Maintained velocity targets to retain stores

• Kept teams lean and maximized broker success

• Found a cost-effective way to build a data-driven company

Favorite Insights:

Sales by State:

Maps product distribution and performance across DC’s

“Crisp is one of the first things I open up on the computer each morning. It’s our mission control.”

Bruce Weyman
Sales Director for Split Nutrition

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