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Campaign Management


Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and trade spend investments in real time.

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Retailers need to know how to use their campaign investments most effectively. Without an understanding of how a campaign will perform, retailers do a lot of guessing about what kinds of shoppers to target, what specific campaigns to activate, and what revenue and profit lift to expect. 


Making uninformed choices about campaigns can be very costly. It’s also costly when feedback about campaign performance arrives too late to make a difference for current and future campaign planning.

Suppliers and distributors need to know the best ways to use their trade spend budgets. They may be able to see overall effects of their trade spend investments, but rarely see the specific information that would help to optimize their efforts. For example, which groups of consumers actually respond, and by how much?

Crisp’s Campaign Management service provides real-time feedback about how each activated campaign performs. When used with Crisp’s Customer Segment Profitability service, organizations can pinpoint campaigns to customer segments that have outsized impacts on business performance.

Organizations will use this service to help with:

  • Planning which customer segments to target with their campaigns
  • Deciding the specifics of each campaign
  • Measuring the impacts of their campaigns
  • Correctly attributing results to different campaign elements
  • And much more



Profitability, Campaigns, eCommerce, Consumers