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Category Management

Business Dashboard

Get insight into the performance of your categories and brands--share and growth, revenue and profitability, rankings and more.


Retailers need to optimize the profit potential of their stores--revenue and profit per square foot. To do this, they have lots of decisions to make--how to organize the store, which categories and brands to stock, where to place different products, rotating those products based on seasonality or trends, and what kinds of marketing/promotions/trade spend decisions to make.

Suppliers and distributors need to know how their products and brands are faring relative to competitors. This information also helps them refine their strategies--which products to produce, changes in product line, pricing, trade spend investments, etc.

Crisp’s Category Management service provides comprehensive, up-do-date trend information about all your products, categories, store locations, and more, giving you the edge you need to make the optimal decisions for your business.

Organizations will use this service to help with:

  • Planning which customer segments to target with their campaigns
  • Deciding the specifics of each campaign
  • Measuring the impacts of their campaigns
  • Correctly attributing results to different campaign elements
  • And much more