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Customer Segment Profitability


Identify customer segments and profiles that have the biggest impacts on your business performance.

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Retailers need to know about their customers so they can make critical planning decisions about products, inventory levels, promotions, and more. Without an understanding of the types of consumers who shop at their stores, and their purchasing habits, retailers do a lot of guessing in these planning choices.

Suppliers often know very little about their customers’ customers--the actual consumers of their products. Without this, they have very little insight into the factors that drive their demand.

Crisp’s Customer Segment Profitability service automatically identifies the profiles of the distinct customer segments that have outsized impacts on business performance. Armed with this actionable information, retailers and suppliers can make intelligent decisions that will optimize their revenue and profits.

Organizations will use this service to help with:

  • Planning which product categories and brands to stock
  • Deciding price and discount levels
  • Implementing merchandising strategies
  • Planning marketing and advertising
  • Designing shopper loyalty programs
  • And much more

Get to know your customers

  • Who is buying your products?
  • What else did they put in the shopping basket?
  • What do they buy when they don’t buy your product?


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