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DEMAND WATCH - Major Event Insights

Get a LIVE view into COVID-19 effects on in-store purchases.

The world’s supply chains are connected more than ever before. Global events like COVID-19 heighten demand impact across the world. Crisp has made European supermarket demand data available to help visualize the impact of COVID-19 on supply and follow-on effects predicted to be felt in the US Market.


Get deeper insights into the impact of COVID -19 on your products with the Crisp platform.

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DEMAND WATCH - Major Event Insights

Select one or more product categories to graph demand volumes in real-time.


Key Demand Trends

It has been four months since a closure was first declared due to the pandemic in Scandinavia, which was approximately 2-4 weeks prior to the closures announced in the US. We note the following trends there for the week ending on July 17th:

  • There has been an interesting increase in disposable items (paper goods and plasticware). These items decreased during the winter and closure months. Now with the summer months and the increased openness, people are likely picnicking and entertaining more outside representing a 149% increase.
  • There has also been an increased trend in alcoholic beverages with the summer months, peaking in June, but continuing to be strong in July as well, with a 74% increase.
  • On the other hand, frozen meat has maintained a steady decline in the summer months vs. the winter months, representing a 61% decrease.

How the Crisp Platform works

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