Nail your next forecast—
getting started is easy

You can start forecasting with Crisp right away—we just need just some basic historical and Sales Order data in the form of a CSV file easily exported from your ERP. That’s it; there’s no IT complexity to contend with.


Accurate forecasts, automated and on-demand

When you’re ready, we can set you up for automated data retrieval to ingest information directly from your ERP software.

Getting automated requires minimal effort on your end. It’s as simple as setting up an email recipient for scheduled reports. And automated retrieval ensures your data is as fresh and relevant as possible.

We support most popular platforms out-of-the-box, including:

  • QuickBooks
  • Netsuite
  • CSB
  • Salesforce Kenandy
  • Sage

Don't see your software listed?
No problem. Sign up for a trial, upload a sample sales order report, and we’ll get you linked to our forecasting engine in no time.


We tailor your forecasting to your business

Whether you’re a newer producer without a lot of historical data to guide your forecasting or an established player managing vast amounts of customer data and complex demand variables, Crisp aligns with your business needs, making reliable forecasting simple.