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Crisp for Produce
Your insights should be as fresh as your produce.

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Crisp for Produce

Your insights should be as fresh as your produce.

Turn raw data into insights and opportunity

The Crisp Solution: Business Insights

When doing business with large retailers and distributors, it’s critical for produce suppliers to understand details about sales performance, inventory, and more so you can identify areas that need your attention and explore opportunities to improve or expand.

The Crisp Business Dashboard automatically interprets supplier portal data and visually reveals the hard-to-see details typically hidden in organizations’ own operational data. Through compelling graphs, charts and maps, data critical to your business is brought into clear visualization.

Get accurate forecasts in any season

The Crisp Solution: Demand Planning

For produce suppliers, quantities can be erratic, and lead times are often extremely short, requiring either costly overnight shipping, waste, or out of stocks.

Crisp can forecast and visualize demand for you by customer, by item, or down to the DC and store level, so you know exactly who your best customers are at any given time. You’ll be able to quickly identify trends and send the right amount of the right product to the right place at the right time.

Collaboration is one of the hardest parts of demand planning, but the Crisp forecasting platform helps every stakeholder contribute to and operate from the same forecast. Easily share Crisp-generated statistical forecasts and information about upcoming sales, marketing, or other events; solicit feedback; and note assumptions and variances. With Crisp, you always have a single, accurate version of the truth to guide demand planning.

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