Get real-time retail data wherever you need it.

Crisp’s Inbound Connectors pipe data from your
retail and distributor partners into easy-to-read

With Outbound Connectors, this
data flows automatically into your preferred
BI tools or cloud-based software.


Know exactly what’s in store
and make the  decisions your 
business needs to thrive in real-time


See how Crisp can be tailored
to meet your specific business
and product needs


Get to know the people
behind the platform and the
mission that drives us.


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Supplier Portal

When retailers supply better data to suppliers, everybody wins.

Create a customized portal for seamless collaboration of insights and analytics between retailers and suppliers.
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Closer connections for better efficiency

Retailers need to be closely coordinated with their suppliers to ensure that business runs smoothly. They need to communicate about sales activities, inventory levels, promotions, pricing and discounting, category performance, and more.

A closely coordinated partnership with
information transparency is helpful to both
retailers and suppliers.

  • Fewer out of stock situations
  • Better insight into future demand
  • More lead time for ordering & production
  • Better information to plan, trade and spend investments

Enhance focus with instant forecasting

Crisp can help by providing retailers with a white label vendor portal that provides a 360º view of each supplier’s business activities, including information such as:

  • Sales activities & performance
  • Marketing, promotions & pricing information
  • Operations and logistics
  • Inventory levels
  • And much more

Connectors make Supplier Portals easy

The Crisp Data Platform can help you establish a modern, customized information portal for your suppliers.
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