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Faster forecasting and better insights with Crisp.

  • Easy collaboration to work faster together
  • Track impact with annotations
  • Visualize demand with customer specific forecasts
  • Fast and easy setup for rapid onboarding
  • Accurate and reliable forecasts fast
  • Enhanced focus with new item forecasts
Drag and Drop with Frame

Generate detailed forecasts in seconds for each of your products by simply dragging and dropping your sales history spreadsheet.

Amazing Accuracy

Crisp’s powerful forecast platform uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and multiple demand drivers to deliver amazing accuracy.

Top Customers

Break out forecast details by customer or product grouping to get the most useful views of what’s driving your business.

Events and more with Frame

Crisp automatically handles forecasting challenges including events, promotions, store additions, product supersession and more.

Current Crisp Customers
are seeing delicious results daily.

  • “Crisp is extremely responsive and hands on.”

    Eric Rombert
    Gilbert’s Craft Sausages

    Before CRISP

    • Human Error created problems
    • No forecasting platforms suited their size
    • Wasted time on data input

    With CRISP

    • Highly accurate forecasting
    • More confident about forecasts
    • Better prepared for production planning
  • “What used to take 1-2 hours now takes 10 minutes.”

    Ken Rotunno
    Senior Financial Officer
    Nounós Creamery

    Before CRISP

    • Short on orders about 10% of the time
    • Inevitable overproduction
    • 2 hours per week on forecasting

    With CRISP

    • Virtually NEVER short on orders
    • Overproduction reduced 40%
    • 10 minutes/week on forecasting

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