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PANOS saved $50K in carrying costs with Crisp. Doesn’t get healthier than that.

Crisp’s real-time business dashboards give the PANOS team real-time answers in a matter of minutes.


Time for a family tech upgrade

PANOS is home to eight brands that inspire delicious, better-for-you home cooking, from salad dressings to noodles and sauces to baking products. With a portfolio spanning more than 25 different segments, there’s a lot to keep track of, but PANOS’ leadership team knows that technology and data-savvy are key to managing complexity at scale. 

That’s why they spent the past year investing in a suite of new tools, including an ERP platform, promotion management software, and updated data subscriptions from distributors. But the process of aggregating retail portal data for eight different brands was still incredibly time-consuming, and the old way of doing things just wasn’t going to work anymore – especially in an unprecedented supply chain environment. So VP of Sales Strategy and Trade, Belinda Cook Smith turned to Crisp to automatically ingest, aggregate, and harmonize data across all of their products.


Keeping up with the speed of sales

Now with Crisp, PANOS’ sales, operations, and marketing teams have real-time data at their fingertips to track sales performance across all segments and retail locations. Belinda appreciates how Crisp’s clickable dashboards and visualizations dramatically speed up her time to insight, saving her over 100 hours in manual data-pulling so far.

To start her day, Belinda will filter on a specific segment in Crisp’s sales dashboards to view performance at the distributor, retailer, and item level. If anything comes up that needs further investigation – for instance, a question about a particular product or store’s performance from a retail buyer – her team can respond within minutes, when it used to take weeks. 

Belinda’s team also proactively looks for opportunity gaps where a little extra effort can drive growth. They use Crisp’s Voids Dashboard to identify where sales might have dropped off, then contact their buyer to offer a free-fill and encourage a re-order. Belinda also keeps an eye on Crisp’s velocity dashboards to manage PANOS’ trade spend budget, paying close attention to how a promotion is impacting sales on a daily basis. 

Keeping product in stock is always a concern for brands today, but PANOS is equally cognizant of managing oversupply. PANOS’ operations team tracks weeks of supply at DCs in Crisp, alongside anticipated orders from retailers, to determine just how much product to send to their distributor customers. Through this process, Belinda estimates they’ve saved $50,000 in inventory carrying costs since implementing Crisp.

Premium results:

• Saved 100 hours of manual data-pulling

• Saved $50k in carrying costs by limiting over-supply

• Spotted voids to keep products selling and retain stores

• Measured lift from marketing and promotional spend

Favorite Insight:

Velocity Dashboard:

A view of same-store sales performance by retailer, region, and time period.

“Now I can pull up Crisp’s dashboards, use the heat maps, or download a report with the answers I need. This takes minutes, but it would have taken weeks to get to that answer before Crisp.”

Belinda Cook-Smith
VP of Sales Strategy & Trade

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