Crisp Data Platform

Reliable data infrastructure for CPG analytics

Crisp automatically ingests, harmonizes, and integrates data from 40+ retailers and distributors to give CPGs a single source of truth.


Effortlessly source the data you need

Crisp automatically extracts data from 40+ retailers, distributors, and other CPG data sources, integrating it directly into the tools you use today.

  • Automated and no-code data pipeline is higher performing and more cost-effective than building and maintaining pipelines internally.
  • Crisp’s platform is reliable and scalable, from emerging brands up to the world’s largest CPGs.
  • Frequent data refreshes ensure timely, granular data for better business intelligence.
  • Fully managed pipelines mean IT teams can rest assured that Crisp will monitor and correct data ingestion issues as they occur.
  • Detailed data model documentation, which includes primary keys and reference tables for normalized data sets, is updated regularly to help analysts manage their data with ease.

Data ready for insights and action

Crisp’s data transformation process cleans, harmonizes and augments retail data, helping you get to actionable insights faster.

For each retailer, you can choose to ingest source data or take advantage of Crisp’s industry-leading data transformation process, which includes: 

Clean: Correct inconsistencies in the data and standardize units

Harmonize: Remove duplicates, organize, and better structure data for increased usability. Crisp also harmonizes data to ensure consistency across sources, making it easier to join data sets and build reports on top of them. 

Augment: Enrich data to make it more usable. For example, store locations are converted to geo-coordinates to enable heat maps.


Deliver data to any destination

Crisp integrates retail data wherever you need it, from BI tools to cloud warehouses – helping data scientists, sales, product development, finance, and operations teams leverage timely retail insights in their day-to-day workflows.

  • From on-premise tools to new cloud warehouses, Crisp integrates with your existing systems while future-proofing your IT investments
  • Crisp ensures data is consistent across internal systems, with up-to-date data alongside two years of historical data across millions of points of distribution
  • Crisp’s cloud-native solution leverages massively parallel extraction and loading mechanisms. This means you can have your data warehouse configured in seconds, and fully operational in minutes.

Keep your data secure

As a data platform, privacy and security are our top priority. Crisp is SOC 2, Type II audited and complies with a broad range of industry security standards:

  • Source system access: Crisp acts as a brand’s authorized data agent and adheres to the security requirements of every retailer and distributor data portal. Any sensitive data, such as access credentials, are encrypted and stored according to industry best practices.
  • Storing data in Crisp: Data is encrypted and stored in a private, secure warehouse. All data access is audited.
  • It’s your data: As a brand, you have total control over your data and Crisp will never use it for any purpose that has not been explicitly been authorized by you. If you choose not to continue with Crisp, all data will be permanently deleted from Crisp systems.

Voilá, your organization gets reliable access to their latest retail data.

Let the data flow.

Crisp automatically ingests, aggregates, and analyzes data from 40+ retailers and distributors, giving brands timely, actionable insights to keep shelves stocked and sales growing.

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