Crisp Acquires Both Lumidata and SetSight to Unify Retail Data, Enabling CPG Brand Growth with Target. Full announcement here.

Crisp Use Cases

Use Cases for CPGs

With actionable, store-level data at your fingertips, there’s nothing you can’t do. Here are just a few ways that teams across CPG can leverage Crisp to grow their business, keep shelves stocked, and increase profits.


Centralize data

With a single source of truth for retail data, everyone from sales to finance to operations has the information they need, where they need it.

  • Automatically aggregate data from 40+ retailers and distributors into existing systems
  • Harmonize data across sources for a holistic view of your retail business
  • Integrate retailer data directly into your team’s favorite tools, from Excel to BI tools to cloud-based applications

“We’re speaking the same language, because data is harmonized across the organization. We have one source of truth, and that stems from Crisp.”

Dan Capraun
Senior Manager of Strategy and Planning, NotCo

Reduce out-of-stocks

With Crisp, you can keep an eye on every store and distribution center to keep shelves stocked and products selling.

  • Track inventory and shipments from DCs to retailers
  • Easily detect voids and out-of-stocks across thousands of stores
  • Compare inventory with sales patterns to anticipate demand, allocate inventory, and refill orders

Grow sales

With an eye on performance at every store, sales teams can easily find opportunities to expand shelf space and drive velocity.

  • Identify opportunities to expand distribution and product assortments
  • Pinpoint velocity hotspots and trends to craft a data-driven sales story
  • Evaluate sales lift from merchandising strategies and promotions
  • Pinpoint at-risk stores to retain distribution and defend shelf space

With Crisp, we can manage inventory on hand to ensure there is enough product to meet demand and hit our volume targets for the year.

Taelor Conley-Marselle
Director of Sales, Illy

Reduce waste

Keep an eye on aging inventory to reduce waste and avoid penalties.

  • Monitor inventory levels and sell-by dates to detect aging inventory
  • Easily share reports with retailers to take action and move excess product
  • Monitor weeks of supply to keep shelves stocked while keeping inventory lean

Plan and forecast

Great planning starts with a clear picture of what your business looks like today. Access harmonized, usable data across retailers to align teams and forecast with confidence.

  • View sales patterns across retailers to understand top-level demand
  • Align sales and operations teams around single source of truth
  • Forecast accurately with clean, normalized data

With Crisp, we can go from reacting to seasonality to planning into seasonality.”

Paul Voge
Co-Founder and CEO, Aura Bora
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