Analyst Solutions

Spend more time doing what you do best.

And we don’t mean pulling reports. Avoid time spent downloading and consolidating data so you can focus on what you’re here for: skilled analysis that drives valuable insights.

No downloading necessary

Crisp automatically ingests data in real time from retail and distributor portals, normalizes the data, and delivers it in a usable format. You can take it from there.

Data streamed to exactly where you want it

Crisp integrates data into your Excel spreadsheet, Power BI report, or data warehouse, so you have data where you need to do the heavy lifting.

Leverage all your syndicated data sources

Partnerships with syndicated data platforms like NielsenIQ help you combine market trends with retail data to uncover new insights and opportunities.

Before Crisp

You spend 10 hours per week downloading reports from different vendor portals, then normalizing that data and putting it into a format you can actually use. It’s not the best use of your time or your skill set.

After Crisp

Real-time data from all vendor portals automatically appear in Excel or the BI tool of your choice. Now even your Mondays can be spent on more sophisticated analysis than generating reports, providing meaningful insights that impact the business.

“Crisp has saved us from spending dozens of hours per month pulling reports across the company. With that time I can focus on much deeper analysis, answering the questions that I want to answer.”

James Fayal
Zest Tea CEO

Let the data flow.

Crisp automatically ingests, aggregates, and analyzes data from 40+ retailers and distributors, giving brands timely, actionable insights to keep shelves stocked and sales growing.

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