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With Crisp and Snowflake, Ritual formulates a data solution that bypasses build costs

With retail data delivered automatically through Snowflake, Crisp helped Ritual unlock omnichannel success while avoiding the cost and workload of managing data pipelines internally.


Bridging the data divide

Born in the 2010s direct-to-consumer boom, Ritual quickly carved a niche with its line of science-backed, women-owned vitamin essentials. As customer love grew, Ritual expanded into brick-and-mortar at Whole Foods and Target locations nationwide. The team already managed their digital sales data, 3PL order information, and digital advertising data in Snowflake, and now needed to incorporate disparate, complex data streams from retail partners.

Initial efforts to extract Target data into Google Sheets proved inadequate due to limited visibility and scalability. The team then built an integration to Target’s API, but it regularly broke or experienced schema drift, disrupting data flows and data quality.

Ritual began to evaluate buying a retail data solution, instead of building one.

“We needed a scalable solution for our growing and diversifying retail business, and that’s when we looked to Crisp,” shared Brett Trani, Ritual’s Director of Analytics.


A new daily essential

For Ritual, Crisp’s organized data schema, reliability, and automation made it an optimal choice. What’s more, the seamless integration with Snowflake meant the team could quickly access the clean, real-time retail data in their existing system – without managing the complex data pipelines internally.

“It was a matter of a very quick data share, and we saw Crisp data in Snowflake within an hour or two,” Brett remembers.

The decision to adopt Crisp, coupled with their existing Snowflake platform, meant that Ritual’s sales teams could monitor their retail channels more efficiently, operations could manage the supply chain with increased visibility, and finance could plan more strategically.

Ritual’s story showcases how a data-savvy brand can leverage Crisp to efficiently trim costs and fuel nationwide retail expansion. For a mid-market CPG, managing internal data pipelines can exceed $240,000 a year, impacting margins in a competitive landscape.

In addition to significant cost savings, Crisp’s Impact Calculator demonstrates that a company with Ritual’s retail footprint can boost annual revenue by +5%, or $500,000 by leveraging data to reduce out-of-stocks and expand distribution.

Clear results

  • Saved 10+ hours a week on manual report pulling
  • Saved up to $240k in yearly pipeline maintenance and headcount costs
  • Created analytics model that combines D2C, Amazon, & retail data in single view
  • On track to boost revenue by +5%, or $500k according to Crisp’s Impact Calculator

Favorite Insight:

On-hand inventory

The team can track their products from warehouse to distribution center to store to point-of-sale directly in Snowflake.

With Crisp, we recognize the opportunity to optimize everything, and make every facet of our operations better.

Watch how Crisp took Ritual’s multivitamin multichannel

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