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With Crisp, partners can offer powerful solutions to CPG clients backed by a real-time, granular view of retail performance. With a live feed of sales and inventory data from 40+ retailers and distributors, the sky’s the limit.


Business Intelligence and Analytics

With a single source of truth for retail data, BI solutions providers can help CPG teams from sales to finance to operations get the information they need, right where they need it.

  • Automatically integrate data from 40+ retailers and distributors into existing systems
  • Standardize data across sources for a cohesive view of a CPG’s retail business
  • Integrate retailer data into Excel, BI tools, and cloud-based applications

Independent Consultants and Sales Agencies

Help emerging CPG brands succeed by leveraging timely, actionable data across their retail distribution.

  • Accelerate results for clients while eliminating time spent manually aggregating and cleaning data sets
  • Take advantage of mutually beneficial incentives by integrating Crisp with your existing services

Cloud Technologies

Crisp partners with leading cloud providers to integrate granular, timely sales and inventory data from 40+ retailers and distributors directly into a customer’s cloud environment.

  • Easily build integrations on top of the Crisp platform with automated data ingestion, standardized data sets, and detailed data model documentation
  • Crisp supports a wide range of cloud environments, enabling customers and partners to uncover powerful new insights in their existing platforms


Crisp helps brands, agencies, DSPs/SSPs, and adtech platforms enhance media buying by leveraging timely, store-level sales and inventory data for planning, activation, and measurement.

Crisp’s media solutions include:

  • Measurement: With timely, granular retail data, brands and agencies can evaluate media spend against in-store product availability to determine media efficiency, informing budget reallocation and campaign planning
  • Activation: Use Crisp to create geo-coded segments based on on-shelf product ability, which can overlay directly on top of your current targeting segments for always-on campaigns, product launches, seasonal campaigns, and more

Consulting Services

Accelerate your CPG clients’ digital transformation journey by automating access to granular, actionable sales and inventory data across their retail accounts.

  • Collapse time to value by streamlining the data management process for CPG clients
  • Reduce the internal costs of manually pulling, aggregating and managing datasets, and eliminate the undifferentiated work required to access retailer data
  • Support the CPG enterprise with a “single source of truth” while freeing up client teams to focus on their core business

Let the data flow.

Crisp automatically ingests, aggregates, and analyzes data from 40+ retailers and distributors, giving brands and partners timely, actionable insights to keep shelves stocked and sales growing.

To learn what you can do with Crisp data, contact our team today.

Partner with Crisp