Crisp Acquires Both Lumidata and SetSight to Unify Retail Data, Enabling CPG Brand Growth with Target. Full announcement here.

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Automate data from 40+ retail sources

With Crisp, IT teams can stop spending time maintaining data pipelines, and rely on a live feed of data from retailers and distributors directly in the tools your team uses most.

Crisp automates data ingestion from 40+ retailers

Crisp automatically ingests data in real time from retail and distributor portals, normalizes the data, and integrates it into your current tools. You can take it from there.

Timely: Frequent data refreshes give your team access to the latest store-level data for daily decision-making.

Reliable: With fully managed pipelines, IT teams can rest assured that Crisp will monitor and correct data ingestion issues as they occur.

Usable: Crisp automatically cleans and harmonizes retail data, helping analyst teams focus on value-added insights.

Crisp is an ROI-friendly extension of your IT team

  • Cost: The average enterprise spends $100k to build one new data connector, and an average $500k per year maintaining their data pipelines

  • Time: An average 25% of an engineer’s time is spent managing and maintaining data ingestion

  • Performance: Crisp is the leader in data ingestion and harmonization for CPG data, ensuring quality that is consistent across data sources and BI tools

  • Coverage: Crisp connects 40+ retailer and distributor sources, refreshing reports daily alongside 24 months of historical data

Integrate retail data into your existing tools

Crisp integrates timely data directly into the tools you rely on most, from Excel to Power BI to cloud platforms like Snowflake and Databricks – helping teams across the enterprise get the insights they need, faster.

Before Crisp

IT teams and analysts spend a significant portion of their day managing and maintaining data pipelines – especially when vendor portals go down or release updates. It isn’t the best use of your team’s time and skills.

After Crisp

Rest easy knowing that teams across the enterprise have reliable access to their latest retail data, directly within the tools they use today. Now, your team has time to build the next big thing.

“Crisp has become an extension of our IT team as an expert in the different retail platforms we work with, and this solution allows us to provide the best experience for our retail customers.”

Hormel Foods

Let the data flow.

Crisp automatically ingests, aggregates, and analyzes data from 40+ retailers and distributors, giving brands timely, actionable insights to keep shelves stocked and sales growing.

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