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February 13, 2024

Ensure online sales success with Publication Insights

In the Walmart Luminate Ready series, we’ll deep-dive into key Luminate Charter reports, beginning with tips to ensure your products are Published, Eligible, Available, and Transactible (PEAT) for full omnichannel viability.

author: Brian Hogate

Customer Stories
February 5, 2024

With Crisp and Snowflake, Ritual formulates a data solution that bypasses build costs

Faced with the critical decision of whether to build an in-house system or adopt an existing solution, Ritual’s analytics team chose Crisp for its seamless integration with their existing Snowflake data warehouse.

author: Jessica Fisher

January 26, 2024

Is EDI a pain point for your 3PL company? Turn it into your competitive edge instead

For today’s 3PL, keeping customers happy and growing the business isn’t just a matter of fulfilling orders on time and avoiding chargebacks for customers. It also requires meeting increasingly complex and dynamic data and documentation needs, which makes EDI an essential business function.

author: Lee Mrkonjic

Business Insights
January 24, 2024

5 game-changing reports in Luminate Charter

One of the biggest events in retail in 2023 was the launch of Walmart Luminate, a data platform offering suppliers more visibility and data access than ever before. Here, we outline five game-changing new Luminate reports and share how brands can take advantage to grow their Walmart business.

author: Mike Cario

Business Insights EDI
December 14, 2023

The holiday season is a stress test for EDI systems — how’s yours holding up?

Whether your internal teams manage your EDI systems or you outsource to an EDI vendor, the deluge of the holiday season will expose any weaknesses in your supply chain workflows, making the post-holiday period the ideal opportunity to address them. Here are some tips for creating an end-of-year EDI report card.

author: Lee Mrkonjic

Customer Stories
December 7, 2023

With Crisp, ZURU Group builds a playbook for on-shelf success

By harnessing real-time, store-level insights from retailers like Walmart, ZURU isn’t just playing in the global toy market – they're redefining the rules.

author: Jessica Fisher

Customer Stories
December 5, 2023

With Crisp and Tinuiti, poppi ties digital marketing to in-store sales lift

Can digital ads drive brick-and-mortar sales? poppi's partnership with Tinuiti and Crisp reveals an 80% boost in areas targeted by TikTok campaigns.

author: Julienne Biglin

Business Insights
November 15, 2023

7 hidden costs of in-house data automation

Walmart's Luminate platform offers a groundbreaking level of visibility – and a large volume of data for brands to ingest and analyze. This article delves into the hidden costs consumer goods companies face when they opt to manage their retail data pipelines internally.

author: Kyle Volenik

November 14, 2023

With Crisp and Snowflake, CPGs are tapping into the full potential of retail data

With Crisp, CPG brands can access timely, granular data from 40+ retailer and distributor partners directly in Snowflake – giving them actionable insights to project demand, grow sales, and streamline operations.

author: Casey Luther

Crisp Team
November 9, 2023

Crisp Team Spotlight: Celestial Minto

We’re illuminating Celestial's 20-year journey in the world of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) where her passions for learning and problem-solving shine brightly.

author: Jessica Fisher

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