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Practicing Simplicity | The Crisp Blog (2)

Business Insights
Feb 04. 2021

When should you pull a product?

No one wants to pull a product because it’s been underperforming, but sometimes it has to be done. 

author: Samantha Johnston

Crisp Team
Jan 28. 2021

Employee Spotlight: Back-End Developer Tanya Fesenko

Part of our Team Spotlight series, featuring Crisp employees and what lights them up at work.

author: Samantha Johnston

COVID-19 Business Insights
Jan 21. 2021

What does the 2021 retail outlook mean for food brands?

If you’re following the food industry, you’ve probably seen your share of predictions and trends for 2021. It’s a year we’re all eager to understand, as COVID-19 has brought both ...

author: Jordon White

Business Insights
Jan 15. 2021

How to succeed at virtual trade shows

Trade shows have always been an important way for growing food and beverage brands to network with retail buyers. But due to the pandemic, this year’s events have moved into the ...

author: Samantha Johnston

Customer Stories
Jan 13. 2021

High Road Craft Ice Cream churns up sales with better data

Part of our Customer Spotlight series, featuring brands in the Crisp network and their growth stories.

author: Samantha Johnston

Business Insights
Jan 06. 2021

Data 101 for sales leaders at growing food brands

Good news for sales leaders: New tools are emerging that put the power to analyze and share data in your hands. Now you can pull reports from multiple sources inside and outside ...

author: Samantha Johnston

Business Insights
Dec 21. 2020

Beyond POS: The data CPG brands need for retail success

For small and medium-sized food producers, POS is the holy grail of metrics. After all, no sales — no business. But what are you missing when all your analysis time is spent ...

author: Samantha Johnston

Business Insights
Dec 17. 2020

White Paper: The Guide to Programmatic Commerce in Retail

The responsiveness of the food supply chain in the face of COVID-19’s swift and profound upheaval has been remarkable. But the experience also served as a clarion call to leverage ...

author: Dana Miller

In The News Business Insights
Dec 15. 2020

The world’s first programmatic commerce platform for online and in-store retail

2020 has been a chaotic and turbulent year for the food industry in particular. The COVID-19 pandemic was a shock to the food supply chain, forcing companies within it to move ...

author: Are Traasdahl

Customer Stories
Dec 07. 2020

Customer spotlight: SkinTē sees the beauty in data

Part of our Customer Stories series, featuring brands in the Crisp network and their growth stories.

author: Samantha Johnston