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Practicing Simplicity | The Crisp Blog

Customer Stories
Jan 23. 2020

Crisp Beta Customers Report Significant Reduction in Food Waste

Initial results from more than 30 beta customers give us reason to be optimistic. These customers include food brands such as Gilbert’s Craft Sausages, SunFed Perfect Produce, and ...

author: Are Traasdahl

Jan 08. 2020

Guess Less: Increase Demand Forecasting Accuracy in Mere Seconds

Across the food supply chain, suppliers are faced with inefficiencies and lost revenue stemming from demand forecasting processes that are inaccurate and unnecessarily lengthy. ...

author: Trevor Hough

Dec 13. 2019

5 Demand Forecasting Methods to Assure Better Accuracy

Though every business needs a demand forecasting model, there is no perfect solution that works for everybody. While no one method is perfect at predicting demand, there are many ...

author: Dag Liodden

Nov 21. 2019

Taming the Bullwhip: Driving Supply Chain Efficiency with Forecasting

Best-in-class demand forecasting : Is consumption-driven, Incorporates comprehensive data inputs, and Leverages technology and artificial intelligence. What’s the result of the ...

author: Dag Liodden

Nov 13. 2019

The Complete Guide to Demand Forecasting

  In today’s volatile business climate, only one thing is certain: nothing is guaranteed.

author: Karianne Butler

Nov 08. 2019

Product Replacement

Crisp is excited to introduce a new feature called “Product Supersession”. It helps with the following objectives:

author: Trevor Hough

Nov 07. 2019

A Brief History of Forecasting in the Food Industry

Forecasting in the food industry still faces many of the same challenges it faced half a century ago, including the following:   Forecasts are often made with insufficient ...

author: Sam Mourad

Nov 05. 2019

Key Forecasting and Supply Chain Terms to Know


author: Dag Liodden

Sep 17. 2019

Preventing Waste with Technology: The Story of Crisp

I was raised in a small village of less than 10,000 people in Norway. My family was filled with idealists and activists for both human and environmental causes. I vividly remember ...

author: Are Traasdahl

Sep 16. 2019

4 Ways Demand Forecasting Enhances Shareholder Value


author: Are Traasdahl