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With the most advanced data-sharing technology in the market, Crisp is enabling a supply chain where everyone is connected — working in lock-step to efficiently meet demand, reduce waste, and grow profitably. That’s Collaborative Commerce.

The world's top CPG brands rely on us to win at retail

Crisp gives brands real-time and long-term insight into every store, helping them make smarter decisions every day to keep shelves stocked and sales growing year over year.

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We facilitate data-sharing for over 40 retailers and distributors

With Crisp, retailers can seamlessly share valuable sales and inventory data with suppliers, helping brands and buyers collaborate to improve supply chain performance and drive sales.

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We elevate the shopping experience on every shelf

When trading partners collaborate in real time,
everyone wins — and shoppers find the products they
love, when and where they need them.

Built with developers in mind.

With Crisp, developers can avoid the cumbersome retail data ingestion process and leverage the data, documentation, and support to focus on what you do best: building the solutions your teams need every day. With timely, granular data delivered to any destination, Crisp helps developers build value-added insights and applications for CPG customers.

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Our mission: Create a zero-waste supply chain

  • Save time
    Save time

    There is too much waste in the fast-paced retail world. Crisp works to ensure every resource is used wisely, every hour of work is valued, and every marketing dollar moves the needle.

  • Save the planet
    Save the planet

    With better transparency across the supply chain, it’s easy for brands and retailers to keep inventory lean, run more efficient operations, and reduce waste dramatically.

Meet our high-fiving, multi-lingual, intergalactic, hoodie-wearing leadership team

Are Traasdahl


Are has more than 20 years of experience in mobile and digital technology. Prior to Crisp, Are was Founder & CEO of Tapad, which he sold in 2016 as one of New York’s largest venture-backed exits. Prior to Tapad, he founded Thumbplay, a mobile entertainment service now called iHeartRadio.

Traasdahl is a frequent contributor to the press, and has been featured in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, AdAge and more. He was named Global Startup Awards Founder of the Year in 2016 and EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014. When he’s not building the next big thing, you might find Are traveling the globe with his family.

Favorite grocery store product: Whole bean coffee for my 5am caffeine fix

Dag Liodden


Before co-founding Crisp, Dag also co-founded Tapad, where he served as CTO. Dag oversaw Tapad’s notable breakthroughs in delivering targeted advertising across platforms. Prior to Tapad, Dag was co-founder and CTO of Giant Leap Technologies AS, the premier business mobility solutions provider in the Nordic region. 

Dag began programming at 6-years-old and has a Master’s Degree in Science, Industrial Economics and Technology Management from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. In his spare time, Dag tinkers with electronics and 3D printing and enjoys fishing with his family on the weekends.

Favorite grocery store product: Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves

Len Ostroff

EVP Sales & Partnerships

Len has more than 20 years of experience successfully developing and executing growth initiatives through partnerships across a variety of industries including technology, advertising, and marketing. Prior to joining Crisp, Ostroff was responsible for developing and growing partnerships with over 150 global mobile carriers while serving as Vice President of Carrier Relations at Twilio (NASDAQ: TWLO). He also served as Senior Vice President of Global Supply and Partnerships at Criteo, (NASDAQ: CRTO), a global advertising technology company where he was responsible for $2 billion of digital spend across thousands of websites and apps. Ostroff also led the development of global partnerships and spearheaded business strategies such as the development of a first party data solution that supported Criteo’s 22,000+ clients.

Favorite grocery store product: Double Stuffed Oreos (don’t judge him for it!)

Dana Miller

SVP of Marketing

Dana, SVP of Marketing, leads the marketing strategy and team at Crisp, which includes PR, brand marketing, content, and events. Prior to Crisp, she led Corporate Marketing at Taboola and was VP of Marketing at ConvertMedia and AVP of Marketing at Sizmek.

Dana has extensive experience in ad tech marketing and non-profit communications and has led several global corporate branding (and re-branding) initiatives as well as numerous mergers and acquisitions. Originally from Michigan (Go Blue!), Dana lived in Israel for most of her adult life and recently relocated to the Garden State, which she now calls home with her family. 

Favorite grocery store product: Always on a quest for the perfect seedless purple grape!

Kyle Rogers

SVP Finance

Kyle, VP of Finance, brings over 10 years of diversified finance experience creating financial insight and value for company leadership and shareholders. Prior to Crisp, he successfully built and led finance teams from the ground-up for high growth, VC-backed startups, most recently as the first finance hire at Terminal. Before entering the tech sector, Kyle worked at Goldman Sachs, where he served as VP of Finance. 

Favorite grocery store product: Free samples. So yes, he does love Costco.

Jeff Olchovy

SVP Engineering

Prior to joining Crisp Jeff most recently served as the Chief Technology Officer at Experian Marketing Services, the AdTech/MarTech arm of Experian plc. As CTO, Jeff oversaw the organization’s overall technology strategy and operations.

Jeff joined Experian as a result of its acquisition of Tapad, Inc. Jeff joined Tapad in 2012 as one of its early software engineers. After its acquisition by Telenor Group in 2016, Jeff moved to Oslo, Norway, to establish Tapad’s second engineering site, later serving as Chief Architect and CTO upon his return to the US. He holds his bachelor’s degree from New York University and his Executive MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business, specializing in Technology Management and Operations and Leadership and Change Management. He is currently pursuing a Master of Software Engineering degree from Brandeis University.

Favorite grocery store product: Peanut Butter. The bigger the jar, the better!

Samantha Schend

VP Partnerships & Revenue Operations

Samantha (Sam for short) has led sales organizations for over nine years in the retail and healthcare industries, where she developed and grew sales teams, secured major partnerships, and accelerated revenue growth. Prior to Crisp, Samantha was the Regional Manager at Inmar, a pharmaceutical reverse logistics and solutions provider.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Samantha lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon with her husband David and their cat Poblano (yes, like the pepper).

Favorite grocery store product: Dark chocolate, anything over 85% is my “sweet” spot!

Nina Giviyan-Kermani

VP of Customer Success

Nina, VP of Customer Success, has spent the past 7 years leading customer success and operations teams, most recently at Neon One, a leading software solution for the nonprofit sector. At Neon One, Nina helped grow multimillion-dollar revenue streams as the company grew from 200 customers to over 35,000 across multiple products. Nina loves the opportunity to help customers with powerful tools to do their jobs more efficiently and make a difference in their communities. Prior to her tech career, Nina worked in a variety of social service organizations and still volunteers as a hospital chaplain and with local organizations.

Favorite grocery store product: Cheese, particularly feta!

Li Qiu

VP Product

Since graduating from Carnegie Mellon in 2000, Li has been working in software development and living in the New York City area. Along the way, he has learned that, rare is the individual who can achieve greatness on their own. To consistently build bigger and better things, you need teams of talented and motivated people – not just engineers, but across all business functions, internal and external. This is what he looked for – and found – when he interviewed with Crisp. Prior to joining Crisp, Li was CTO of InCircle Analytics and Senior Director of Engineering at Tapad.

He claims that he is mostly sedentary, reading or playing games, but he does go out for the occasional run or bike ride. 

Favorite grocery store item: The food I am never tired of is cucumbers, the crispier the better. 

Dirk Herdes

SVP of Sales and General Manager NWA

For nearly two decades Dirk has been collaborating with Retailers and their CPG partners to transform how they activate data and insights at across their ecosystem.  As a trusted partner with leading Retailers and CPG clients at Nielsen, Salesforce and Tredence, Dirk and his team led transformative initiatives across Merchandising, Marketing, Supply Chain and Technology functions. Prior to joining Crisp, he led the Retail Vertical Consulting Practice for Tredence supporting many leading Retailers across North America.

Dirk and his family have called Rogers, AR home since making the move to the area from Chicago in the summer of 2012. 

Favorite grocery store product: tortilla chips, great on their own or the perfect companion to many dips.

Kyle Parker

VP, Technology

Kyle has over 15 years experience in Data Engineering, CPG, and Supply Chain. Throughout his career, he has focused on modernizing systems and processes to provide robust data and insights for informed decision-making.  Working with systems containing trillions of rows of data, he is passionate about leveraging data and technology to drive business success as well as empowering the team and removing roadblocks.

Favorite grocery store product: ice cream… flavor doesn’t matter.

Binn Ross

VP, Strategy and Emerging Products

With 25+ years in software development, including a decade in retail analytics at ATLAS, Binn now brings his passion for merging data and technology to Crisp. A Computer Science graduate from the University of Arkansas, Binn enjoys family time, woodworking, music, and exploring the Ozark Mountains.

Favorite grocery store product: cheese, chocolate, and all things apple for that crisp orchard flavor!

Demetria Veal

SVP, Client Engagement

Demetria’s journey spans 20+ years in consumer goods, from industry leaders like Hershey Foods and L’Oreal to thriving startups. Her expertise in building retail brands highlights her entrepreneurial drive and foresight in emerging markets.Transitioning to Software as a Service, she excelled in tailoring solutions for CPG at Numerator and Datasembly, transforming data analytics for the industry.At Advantage Intelligence, as Senior VP of Business Development, Demetria shaped strategy and drove business growth.

Favorite grocery store product: Her sweet tooth endures from her Hershey days—Twizzlers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Peanut M&Ms remain favorites.

Mike Cario

VP, Product

With 20 years in data engineering and analytics, Mike Cario currently serves as VP of Product, where he brings analytical experiences to life. His experience spans a decade in the transportation sector with J.B. Hunt Transport and 10 years in retail and CPG analytics. Beyond work, Mike values time with his wife and three kids, indulges in cycling, golfing, and music, and showcases his grilling skills.

Favorite grocery store product: Grill-able meats, blending his love for cooking with family gatherings.

Andrea Perlaky

General Manager, EDI Business Line

Andrea has been working in EDI and related services for over 22 years and she heads up our EDI business line at Crisp. Andrea understands the importance of getting data into the right systems at the right time, to increase efficiencies in the supply chain and reduce errors. She enjoys speaking with clients and learning how they do business and getting integrated solutions setup to fit their needs. Andrea lives in Aurora, Canada with her husband and two children. They love to travel and Andrea’s favorite destination so far has been Iceland, although sitting on the dock at the cottage is pretty nice too!

Favorite grocery store product: coffee and chocolate.

Having investors who are highly invested in our business AND our ideals is everything.

  • Crisp addresses the enormous challenge of waste caused by mismatched supply and demand. I believe that their networked business model will enable their solution to be adopted across industries, with a huge market potential.
    Rick Heitzmann
    Founder and Partner, Firstmark
  • We invest in passionate founders solving large, important problems. Crisp aims to reduce global food waste by targeting the root cause – a lack of visibility into supply and demand data.
    Dave Leyrer
    Co-Founder and Partner, 3L
  • Many parts of the transportation and distribution chain are broken. Today’s crutch is to place excess inventory throughout the supply chain. Crisp is building the solution for the way the food supply chain should work.
    Rob Eldridge
    Managing Partner, Blue Cloud
  • "At Spring Capital, we focus on People, Planet and Profit. Crisp aligns directly with our mission to invest in businesses that are purpose-driven."
    Are Traasdahl
    Founder & CEO, Spring Capital & Crisp
  • In solving a huge problem in the food supply chain, Crisp moves the core of what every enterprise needs to solve for: increase sustainability through real-time understanding and automated execution.
    Carsten Thoma
    Investor & Entrepreneur
  • I appreciate the huge challenge that Crisp is addressing. Their ability to empower marketers with real-time supply chain data in order to improve performance while reducing food waste can be game-changing.
    Kim Perell
    Investor & Entrepreneur
  • Crisp's mission to simplify the demand planning processes across CPG and food products represents a massive opportunity to improve global supply chains and reduce waste.
    Scott Beattie
    Investor & Entrepreneur

The place for a Crisp career

Some companies give you perks. We give you “wow, I wasn’t expecting that!”

  • Health Benefits

    Your wellness is our priority

    We care about your family’s health just as much as yours. Our comprehensive benefits include TalkSpace, to support emotional wellbeing, too.

  • Competitive Salary

    Fair and equal pay

    We offer a competitive salary based on experience and standard rates. What’s more, employees are rewarded stock shares.

  • In-Person Gatherings

    Crisp Connect

    Even in a remote world, being eye to eye is still the best way to meet. That’s why we sponsor travel so employees can get to know each other a little better.

  • Home Office

    Your dream space, delivered

    Our employees are provided with all of the equipment needed to work effectively from home. A laptop PC or Mac (your choice!), a large screen monitor, and webcam set you up for success.

  • Parental Leave

    Time with your newest mini-me

    Enjoy 6-16 weeks of paid leave. In those first precious weeks, work should be the last thing on your mind.

  • Continuing Education

    Reimbursement 101

    Whether it’s a course on public speaking or you’ve been dying to learn how to code, you’ll receive up to $1.5K to take classes and full reimbursement for job-required courses.

  • Surprise! Product Deliveries

    Mailing you our faves

    Imagine a pint of ice cream (perfectly frozen!) or a delicious gluten-free pie waiting at your door. If we love it, there’s a good chance you’ll get it.

  • Wellness Stipend

    Feel good, do good

    We offer all employees a complimentary annual Headspace membership. Plus, a $300 per annum stipend towards any wellness activity.

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