As co-founders of Crisp, we have a proven track record of building successful companies from scratch together. We plan to take all of our experiences - both amazing and arduous- and apply what we have learned in order to create a company that addresses the critical issue of food waste. We have personally invested an initial $10M to allow Crisp to focus on building world-class technology and products in the right way. We are laser focused on customer needs, and we will make product priorities based on our long-term goals, not short-term revenue.

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ARE TRAASDAHL social-linkedin

Founder and CEO, Are has more than 20 years of experience in mobile and digital technology. He was the Founder & CEO of Tapad Inc. In 2016, Telenor Group acquired Tapad for $360M, making it the fifth largest venture-backed M&A exit in New York since 2009. Prior to Tapad, he founded Thumbplay, a mobile entertainment service that he grew to more than $100M in revenue in less than 3 years before he exited the company. The company, later acquired by Clear Channel, is now called iHeartRadio.

Traasdahl is a frequent contributor for outlets such as CNBC and Bloomberg News, and he has been featured in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Ad Age and other major news publications. He was named Global Startup Awards™ Founder of the Year in 2016 and EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014.

DAG LIODDEN social-linkedin

Founder and CTO, Dag is a technologist and entrepreneur. He co-founded Tapad Inc in 2010 and served as its Chief Technology Officer through 2017. Working in startups from the ground up in most of his career, he has built systems ranging from mobile applications, logistics systems and payment processing solutions to high throughput trading systems leveraging the bleeding edge of machine learning, all while scaling large development teams. Liodden is passionate about technology and loves building and mentoring teams that develop great products.