Finance Solutions

Turn data into dollars.

With Crisp, all the latest retail revenue and cost figures are available when and where you need them. With data at your fingertips, you can make sure your company stays on track.

All your data, always up to date

Crisp automates the ingestion of data from retail and distributor portals, piping it into a usable format so the latest information is always where you need it.

It excels in working with Excel

Crisp’s Outbound Connectors push data into your Excel spreadsheet, Power BI report, or data warehouses, so you have data where you need to do the heavy lifting.

Monitor all your costs in real-time

Don’t wait for a chargeback statement to know what you’re paying. Track deductions in real time and drill down by product, DC, or banner to find opportunities to improve the bottom line.

Get the big picture (and the details)

Crisp provides aggregated data for all of your company’s retailers and distributors,
so you can access a high-level view of the retail business or filter down into the details.

Before Crisp

It’s hard to get up-to-date, reliable retail numbers and see the big-picture view of the business. By the time you’ve learned about issues costing your company in deductions, it’s too late.

After Crisp

You know exactly what’s happening financially and why. Real-time, reliable data automatically updates your P&Ls, and you’re one step ahead on costly issues like chargebacks to improve the bottom line.

“Data plays a critical role in tracking our performance and keeps us honest in measuring our success.”

Kosta Vasiliou,
Sales & Operations Manager, Chef Hak’s

Get Data Ready today.

At Crisp, we allow food brands and retailers to stay ahead of the game. Whether it’s rapidly-evolving consumer behavior, identifying potential supply chain disruptions, or tracking inventory and product performance – we have everything you need to get you Data Ready.

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