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ZURU Group’s data-driven playbook for on-shelf success

From Monday Haircare to their viral Mini Brands™, ZURU group is ready to launch any product thanks to Crisp’s data-ready platform.


A fast-moving brand with a data-driven vision

In the heart of New Zealand, a modern-day global empire flourishes, combining innovation and analytics with creative imagination.

Founded in 2003, ZURU Group expanded from its Kiwi roots to become a global powerhouse in the toy industry, boasting a broad portfolio ranging from seasonal summer staple Bunch-O-Balloons™ to the global sensation that is Mini Brands™. 

Beyond the toy aisle, ZURU owns fast-growing brands in the pet, baby, and wellness categories – including another viral claim-to-fame, Monday Haircare. 

From the beginning, the company prioritized the application of data in every decision – but they didn’t have convenient access to store-level data to make that vision a reality. To leverage actionable, real-time point-of-sale (POS) data to make data-driven decisions from supply chain to merchandising, ZURU turned to Crisp.


Real-time insights to fast-track innovation

ZURU’s partnership with Crisp helps them move faster and make smarter decisions around inventory management, merchandising, and marketing – ultimately becoming a trusted advisor to retail partners.

A key supplier to major global retailers like Walmart, Target, and Dollar General, ZURU minimizes reliance on costly warehousing by sending inventory directly from its overseas factory to retailers. This model requires precise forecasting, but by harnessing real-time inventory and store-level data, ZURU is now adept at making those real-time inventory decisions.

As a result, ZURU has consistently kept shelves stocked in high-demand areas, while also reducing markdowns in slower-moving regions by over 50% in the last year.

With Crisp, the Zuru team also saved over 15 hours of manual reporting each week, enabling them to pivot quickly and share fresh insights with retail partners. It’s a shift that has empowered the organization to rapidly launch trending toys and fast-moving goods in as little as three months.

Post-product launch, access to real-time heat maps of product availability via Crisp additionally empowers ZURU’s Marketing teams to execute geo-targeted campaigns and reduce ad spend.

A testament to their strategic success, ZURU’s data efforts have resulted in a remarkable 55% total distribution growth at Walmart in the last year. 

“Today, we don’t spend time talking about numbers because everybody has the numbers. We spend time talking about strategy and driving the business forward,” states Franz Oliveira, Director of Sales Operations and Analytics at ZURU.

Results: ZURU’s data transformation

  • 55% YOY distribution growth at Walmart
  • Reduced 50% of potential markdowns, boosting bottom-line success
  • Launching trendsetting products in as little as 3 months
  • Kept high-velocity regions stocked and selling
  • Increased advertising efficiency using store-level sales and inventory data

Favorite Insight:

Store-level sales

To pinpoint forecasting accuracy and ensure a highly efficient supply chain that minimizes waste and enables ahead-of-the-trends product development.

“Anytime we present to companies like Walmart or Target, we talk about who we are, and then we discuss our intersection with Crisp, and our company’s data transformation.”

Franz Oliveira
Director of Sales Operations and Analytics

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