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Practicing Simplicity | The Crisp Blog

Nov 13. 2019

The Complete Guide to Demand Forecasting

  In today’s volatile business climate, only one thing is certain: nothing is guaranteed.

author: Karianne Butler

Product Updates
Nov 08. 2019

Product Replacement

Crisp is excited to introduce a new feature called “Product Supersession”. It helps with the following objectives:

author: Trevor Hough

Nov 07. 2019

A Brief History of Forecasting in the Food Industry

Forecasting in the food industry still faces many of the same challenges it faced half a century ago, including the following:   ...

author: Sam Mourad

Nov 05. 2019

Key Forecasting and Supply Chain Terms to Know


author: Dag Liodden

Sep 17. 2019

Preventing Waste with Technology: The Story of Crisp

I was raised in a small village of less than 10,000 people in Norway. My family was filled with idealists and activists for both human and ...

author: Are Traasdahl

Sep 16. 2019

4 Ways Demand Forecasting Enhances Shareholder Value


author: Are Traasdahl

Sep 14. 2019

Demand Planning vs. Demand Forecasting in the Food Supply Chain


author: Are Traasdahl

Aug 12. 2019

My Life as a Digital Nomad (and Timezone Expert)

Guess where I wrote this blog post for Crisp? At a state park full of gorgeous waterfalls and bird song. That’s because I am officially a ...

author: Hongfei Zhou

Jun 27. 2019

A Crusade Against Email

When my co-founder Dag Liodden and I started Crisp, the first thing we did was write down everything that didn’t work in our last company ...

author: Are Traasdahl

Jun 17. 2019

The Way We Work

Crisp is a decentralized company. We are excited about the opportunities that this way of working brings, and we want to make sure we get a set of ...

author: Are Traasdahl