Crisp Acquires Both Lumidata and SetSight to Unify Retail Data, Enabling CPG Brand Growth with Target. Full announcement here.

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March 20, 2024

EDI in the 3PL equation: a guide for CPG suppliers 

Choosing a 3PL for your CPG? Look beyond trucks and warehouses – EDI capabilities are critical to ensure smooth operations and happy retail partners.

author: Lee Mrkonjic

Business Insights
February 23, 2024

What to expect from your enterprise data deployment

Crisp’s solutions consultant and data rockstar Eliza Miller shares the secret to seamless implementations that unlock retail data across the enterprise.

author: Eliza Miller

Business Insights
January 24, 2024

5 game-changing reports in Luminate Charter

One of the biggest events in retail in 2023 was the launch of Walmart Luminate, a data platform offering suppliers more visibility and data access than ever before. Here, we outline five game-changing new Luminate reports and share how brands can take advantage to grow their Walmart business.

author: Mike Cario

Business Insights EDI
December 14, 2023

The holiday season is a stress test for EDI systems — how’s yours holding up?

Whether your internal teams manage your EDI systems or you outsource to an EDI vendor, the deluge of the holiday season will expose any weaknesses in your supply chain workflows, making the post-holiday period the ideal opportunity to address them. Here are some tips for creating an end-of-year EDI report card.

author: Lee Mrkonjic

Business Insights
November 15, 2023

7 hidden costs of in-house data automation

Walmart's Luminate platform offers a groundbreaking level of visibility – and a large volume of data for brands to ingest and analyze. This article delves into the hidden costs consumer goods companies face when they opt to manage their retail data pipelines internally.

author: Kyle Volenik

Business Insights
October 3, 2023

2023 holiday report: data-driven strategies to make the buyer’s nice list

We’re providing insight on the retail trends surrounding the 2023 holiday season, and how businesses can leverage data-driven strategies to meet them head-on.

author: Barry Bradley

Business Insights
September 7, 2023

Scope 3 emissions, Explained

The article demystifies the complexities of scope 3 emissions reporting, offering key tips to stay ahead of regulatory changes and satisfy stakeholder demands. In 2010, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated annual greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) reporting for organizations emitting over 25,000 metric tons of GHGs per year, and those in specific industries like...

author: Jessica Fisher

Business Insights
August 9, 2023

Navigating retail growth? Let same-store velocity be your ‘North Star’

By prioritizing same-store velocity and aligning with consumer behavior, brands can build loyalty and set the stage for growth. Here, we provide a roadmap for CPG brands seeking sustainable market success.

author: Jessica Fisher

Business Insights
July 12, 2023

Nearshoring and the new normal: why the evolving supply chain requires real-time data

Crisp's resident supply chain expert Barry Bradley shares an update on the state of the consumer goods supply chain, offering insight on how companies can stay ahead of the trends and gain a competitive advantage.

author: Barry Bradley

Business Insights
June 14, 2023

How to win over IT with a centralized CPG data solution

A step-by-step guide to engaging internal IT teams about the benefits of a real-time data platform, while addressing concerns about data governance, integration, and reliability.

author: Drake Doherty

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