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August 6, 2021

CircleUp’s financial best practices for growing brands

Humberto Cruz from CircleUp Credit shares need-to-know financial strategies, metrics to track success, and advice on securing credit or equity capital.

author: Samantha Johnston

Business Insights
August 5, 2021

White Paper: Next Generation of the 5Ps

Crisp’s new go-to guide for marketers updates the classic "5Ps" for an omnichannel world.

author: Dana Miller

Business Insights
July 29, 2021

How to be your own data scientist

Crisp Product Manager Michelle Hood demystifies data science to help CPG teams answer key questions and make more informed business decisions.

author: Michelle Hood

Business Insights
July 15, 2021

Retailers: Does your data sharing need an upgrade?

When you work in grocery retail, you have a lot on your plate. When I was on the Vendor Performance team at Target, I oversaw hundreds of suppliers, and was responsible for making …

author: Tony Miller

Business Insights
June 3, 2021

How challenger brands can win with data

Part of our Product Update series, a monthly roundup of the latest updates to the Crisp data platform.

author: Samantha Johnston

Business Insights Crisp Team
May 21, 2021

Building strong links in the retail chain at Shoptalk Meetup for Women

Crisp’s VP of Business Development & Partnerships, Emily Spence, recaps last week’s Shoptalk Meetup for Women and outlines the importance of collaboration in the retail industry.

author: Emily Spence

Business Insights
April 27, 2021

Purpose-Driven Marketing at Neutrogena: A Conversation with Tyler Rochwerg

Can marketing serve brands and a broader purpose at the same time? According to Tyler Rochwerg of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, absolutely. At last week’s Brand Innovators Summit on Purpose-Driven Marketing, I sat down with Tyler to discuss his role with Neutrogena Studios developing innovative content on behalf of a major brand. Marketing is storytelling

author: Are Traasdahl

Business Insights Product
April 20, 2021

Crisp is the first CPG-focused platform to join Snowflake’s Data Marketplace

Crisp joins the Snowflake Data Marketplace to enhance data collaboration in retail, leveraging the cloud to help CPG brands optimize their supply chain and reduce waste. 

author: Are Traasdahl

Business Insights
April 15, 2021

The data cloud is changing work (for the better)

We have seen the term “the cloud” and read about cloud computing for years now. We’ve shared files, showcased our lives through apps on our phones, and even seen a doctor virtually, all enabled by the cloud. But what does the cloud mean for the retail world, and more specifically, our work at CPG brands?

author: Michelle Hood

Business Insights Product
April 8, 2021

A masterclass in retail velocity

Crisp Product Manager Jordon White explains how velocity drives a smart retail strategy, and the analysis CPG brands should master to stand out to buyers.

author: Jordon White

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