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Crisp helps ready-to-eat MUSH become ready-to-buy everywhere.

Crisp revolutionized MUSH’s operations with real-time data insights, ensuring they rise and shine as breakfast champions in the retail aisle.


Stirring up change

From functional fitness fuel to breakfast essentials, MUSH reimagines everyday oats for our modern lifestyles. Crowned Instacart’s #1 Fastest-Growing Emerging Brand in 2023, the ready-to-eat line has become a symbol of innovation and market ascension in grocery retail.

But MUSH’s success in oats didn’t actually happen overnight. One major challenge in scaling the brand was inventory management, with the team facing 40% out-of-stock rates due to growing demand. Recognizing the importance of data for visibility, MUSH sought a tool to enhance inventory management and guide strategies with real-time insights.


Impact in the aisle

MUSH implemented Crisp in 2021 to kickstart a phase of transformative growth. With Crisp, the brand gained comprehensive visibility into their distribution network of 11,000+ retail locations. Guided by real-time data, they proactively worked with major partners like Whole Foods and KeHE to optimize product flow and meet growing demand.

Crisp provided insights into inventory levels, sales patterns, and shipping metrics, empowering MUSH to refine forecasts and collaborate with distributors to adjust purchase orders (POs) accordingly. This resulted in a rapid increase of in-store fill rates by 5%, with MUSH now exceeding 90% fill rates.

Leveraging full-chain acceptance at Whole Foods, MUSH also closely monitored sales trends to strategically refine assortments, driving category leadership and boosting performance. 

With KeHE, MUSH employed Crisp data to pinpoint expansion opportunities, strategically targeting new regions and stores to maximize growth. This data-driven approach led to impressive gains: a 47% increase in points of distribution (PODs) and 64% total growth through KeHE, with a notable 85% increase in PODs at Sprouts Markets.

Results that rise and shine:

  • Quickly inceased store fill rates by +5%; today exceeds 90% fill rates
  • 47% increase in points of distribution and 64% total growth through KeHE
  • Leveraged data insights to double velocity metrics for bestselling Peanut Butter Chocolate SKU
  • Unlocked 85% increase in PODs across Sprouts Markets

Favorite Insight:

KeHE fill-rate to store

Proactively plans orders to keep shelves stocked and maximize sales.

“The better we’ve serviced our retailers with Crisp, the more they’ve leaned into us.”

Mary Schwappach
Sr. Manager, Grocery

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