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With Crisp and Tinuiti, poppi ties digital marketing to in-store sales lift

Can digital ads drive brick-and-mortar sales? The beverage brand’s partnership with Tinuiti and Crisp reveals an 80% boost in areas targeted by TikTok campaigns.


Cracking the code

The rise of digital marketing has revolutionized how brands reach consumers, but a lingering challenge persists: accurately measuring the impact of online efforts on offline sales. Without concrete data linking digital ads to in-store purchases, consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands have struggled to fully justify their investments in platforms like TikTok, Meta, and Amazon.

poppi, a modern beverage powerhouse with a vibrant, far-reaching digital presence, aimed to bridge the gap between its online influence and retail results. Despite captivating audiences on social media and driving a buzz around its products, the brand sought a deeper understanding of how this digital engagement was translating to sales on store shelves. So poppi partnered with Cisp and Tinuiti,  the largest independent performance marketing firm in the U.S. “Connecting in-store sales with digital efforts that moved the needle is one of the most frequently asked questions from clients,” noted Aaron Gooden, Commerce Media Director at Tinuiti.


Winning formula

Crisp’s real-time inventory and sales data, combined with Tinuiti’s sophisticated media spend analysis, offers poppi industry-first visibility. With this integrated data, poppi can finally quantify the impact of their digital marketing efforts.

By linking media spend with Crisp’s in-depth retail data, poppi eliminated the silos that obscured marketing’s true impact. This gave them a comprehensive view of their advertising investments and the ripple effects they created in stores. The precision of granular inventory and sales data down to the SKU and zip-code level enabled poppi to pinpoint the performance of specific campaigns – like their TikTok ads, which led to an astonishing 80% increase in in-store purchase rates in targeted geographies.

“For the first time, we can correlate how our digital marketing campaigns are driving in-store sales of our products,” said Graham Goeppert, Vice President of Digital Commerce and Media at Poppi.

Fizzy findings:

  • Geographies targeted with Amazon Online Video ads saw a 15% higher likelihood of in-store purchases.
  • TikTok ads generated an impressive 80% increase in in-store purchase rates in certain targeted areas.
  • poppi can now confidently determine which channels yield the highest in-store sales, maximizing advertising ROI.

“Access to daily retail sales data down to the SKU and zip code level is allowing our team to make real-time data-driven decisions that maximize advertising ROI.

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