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Next Generation of the 5Ps


of the 5Ps

The new go-to guide for omnichannel marketers

Rapidly changing consumer attitudes and behavior. Surging growth in online grocery shopping. Expectations for an omnichannel experience. An evolving competitive landscape. Today’s consumer experience is shaped by the totality of interactions with retailers and brands across multiple channels, making seamless consistency imperative. Successful food brands and retailers must develop holistic, omnichannel-first strategies that give consumers control over how they engage with products, meeting them when and where they want.

Gain a competitive edge with next-generation “5P” strategies

Learn how data and technology can help you understand and win your target customer.

• People: Gain a 360° view of the consumer
• Product: Master product innovation and optimization
• Place: Rethink “where to play”
• Price: Grow margins with data-driven pricing
• Promotion: Make marketing personal and precise

About Crisp

Crisp’s cloud-based platform connects and analyzes disparate data sources to provide real-time insights and trends. Food suppliers, retailers, distributors and brokers use Crisp to manage supply more efficiently, reduce waste and skyrocket profitability.

Be data-ready to win the market

With the Crisp Platform, you can connect to and analyze all of your data sources in real-time. Through striking visualizations, our dashboard provides you with extraordinary insights and trends so you can make intelligent decisions to help your business thrive and own the market.

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Always get your product into the right basket

Learn how programmatic commerce helps you:

• Improve customer satisfaction in-store and online
• Optimize assortments to support sustainable growth
• Gain real-time inventory visibility