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The Guide to Programmatic Commerce in Retail

The Guide to Programmatic Commerce

Make sure your product always
gets into right basket

Get into the right basket

The COVID-19 pandemic shocked the food supply chain out of evolutionary progression into revolutionary transformation nearly overnight. Consumer trends previously predicted to transpire over 5 years occurred in 5 weeks. Completely new, unexpected consumer behaviors emerged, most with apparent staying power. Supply chains that spent decades optimizing for efficiency and cost in a world of relatively consistent sell-through made fast-as-possible pivots to support unprecedented surges in demand, dramatic channel shifting, and significant changes in purchase and consumption patterns, compressing 10-year digital transformation plans into less than 10 months.

This paper highlights how programmatic commerce helps you:

• Improve customer satisfaction and spend in-store and online
• Optimize assortments to support sustainable category growth
• Gain real-time inventory visibility and adapt to supply and demand changes

About Crisp

Crisp’s cloud-based platform connects and analyzes disparate data sources to provide real-time insights and trends. Food suppliers, retailers, distributors and brokers use Crisp to manage supply more efficiently, reduce waste and skyrocket profitability.

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With the Crisp Platform, you can connect to and analyze all of your data sources in real-time. Through striking visualizations, our dashboard provides you with extraordinary insights and trends so you can make intelligent decisions to help your business thrive and own the market.

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