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Amazon Seller Central Integration

Easy Amazon SellerCentral Dashboards

Spot the trends most people miss. Connect your Amazon Seller Central data to Crisp, and unlock the meaningful insights you need to grow your business. Connect and try out the Crisp platform today!

Benefits of Amazon Seller Central Integration with Crisp

With compelling Amazon seller dashboard views, the Crisp platform augments your Amazon supplier data by automatically interpreting the data and visually revealing the hard-to-see details hidden in your organization’s operational information. Set up your connection and convert Amazon Seller Central data into actionable signals within the Crisp platform. Data driven decision making has never been easier!

Turn Amazon Supplier Portal data into insights and opportunity

amazon seller dashboards

The Business Dashboard automatically interprets Amazon supplier portal data and visually reveals the hard-to-see details hidden in your organization's operational data. Through compelling graphs, charts and maps, data critical to your business is brought into clear visualization.

Data from all your retail and distribution partners in one place

amazon seller central integration


Finally, get a complete, unified view of what's happening in your business. Crisp connects and analyzes all of your data sources in real-time, providing you with the most meaningful insights and trends for your business.

Turn your data into insights with the click of a button

amazon supplier portal

The Crisp Cloud ingests information from large retailer and distributor portals, turning complicated, hard-to-understand raw data into clear and insightful visualizations. Easily identify trends, opportunities and potential trouble spots.

  • Measure the effectiveness of your marketing and pricing campaigns in real-time.
  • Get to know who is buying your products.
  • Understand how each of your categories and products are performing, over time, to help you make the key decisions about your business.
  • Get up-to-date information about inventory levels and their financial impact with Real-Time Shelf Availability.
  • When new products are launched, understand not only which consumers start buying a new product, but what products they stopped buying at the same time.

How it works

To set-up this data integration, Crisp will use your Amazon Seller Central login credentials to ingest your portal data from Amazon into your secure Crisp platform account. This data transfer occurs automatically and regularly on the back-end, saving you hours of effort and frustration, and ensuring your data stays up-to-date. The portal connection is strictly one-way, from Amazon Seller Central to Crisp, so there is no risk to your original data.

Technical documentation

For more information on how Crisp works, and a detailed overview of the reports you can generate from your Amazon Seller Central data, please visit our Knowledge Base here.