NielsenIQ Retail Data Integration

Automate NielsenIQ Retail Data Extraction

Crisp automates the flow of NielsenIQ Retail Measurement data into internal analytics tools, helping brands understand category performance, consumer buying trends, inventory insights, pricing and more.

Export your NielsenIQ Retail Data data into local or cloud-based apps

Get direct access to valuable NielsenIQ Retail Measurement market data within your own tools, such as Snowflake, Microsoft Azure, Power BI and Excel. This provides a seamless process for teams within production, marketing, merchandising, supply chain and more to leverage NielsenIQ market data and insights to improve and optimize business operations.

Available Data

Available NielsenIQ data varies according to your data license with NielsenIQ. Retail measurement data includes, but is not limited to:


  • Percentage lift in dollars or units
  • Incremental dollars or units


  • Velocity measures such as sales per million ACV
  • Dollars Per Total Distribution Points


  •  Any Display Unit Price
  • Any Price Decrease Base Unit Price


  • Percentage of dollars sold on any promotion
  • Percentage of dollars sold on price decrease


  • Dollar Share
  • Dollar Share of Category, Segment and Context

NIELSENIQ is registered trademark and trademark of The Nielsen Company (US), LLC. Used with permission.

Crisp Tools and Features

Get more from your data with these handy dashboard features:

Automatic reports

Crisp automatically ingests new NielsenIQ Retail data reports when they’re available, saving you valuable time


Centralize retail data from different portals in one place

Consolidate NielsenIQ Retail data with other retail accounts

Crisp also aggregates data from retailer and distributor portals such as:

How to export NielsenIQ data with Crisp

Crisp’s NielsenIQ data integration is simple and secure

  1. Add Connector

    Once you’ve purchased Crisp, add the NielsenIQ data connector inside the Crisp platform

  2. Verify the connection

    Crisp tests the connection with NielsenIQ to make sure everything’s working correctly

  3. Select the data destination

    Crisp can load the data automatically into the analytics tool of your choice

  4. Enjoy your data

    Crisp will export historical data and automate future reports

Case Studies

  • Sunday

    The Sunday team uses Crisp to pipe their retail data directly into Snowflake, giving them insights to create a one-of-a-kind customer experience.

  • Thistle Farms

    With Crisp, Thistle Farms has instant access to the latest sales data across all of their retail locations.

  • Rebel Green

    The Rebel Green team uses Crisp insights to drive sustainable sales for their eco-friendly cleaning products.

  • RxSugar

    RxSugar CEO Steve Hanley is on a mission to end sugar. After discovering that sugar is added to 80% of all food and beverage products, he had an idea: if he could replace every gram of regular sugar with a healthy alternative, it would truly change the world.

  • REMA 1000

    With Crisp’s REMA Connect, the retailer shares up-to-date sales and supply chain data with top suppliers, driving transparency to reduce costs, increase supply chain efficiency, and grow revenue for both REMA 1000 and its brand partners.