Solving Global Food Waste with better data.

Feeding a growing population sustainably and efficiently is a global challenge. Using the CrispTM platform collectively reduces global food waste while increasing profits for its partners.

1/3 of the World’s Food Production is Wasted.

The cause: slow-moving, inaccurate data

A significant amount of waste in the food industry can be attributed to a supply chain theory known as the ‘bullwhip effect’’, stating that if information sent through the supply chain is off by ± 5% in actual consumer demand, that can result in companies further back in the chain thinking it’s ±40%.

Are’s story and the birth of Crisp

Founder Are Traasdahl and his family were traveling the world when they witnessed the staggering imbalance of the food system. With an appetite to solve problems, he made it his mission to see if he can correct global food waste with the use of data and technology.

The team behind the technology. 

When Are returned to the States, he began meeting with technology partner Dag Liodden. Are and Dag are no strangers to using tech to solve problems and have a proven track record of building successful companies together. In 2010, Are and Dag founded Tapad Inc. and in 2016, Telenor Group acquired Tapad for $360M. Prior to Tapad, Are founded Thumbplay (now called iHeartRadio), a mobile entertainment service that he grew to more than $100M in revenue in less than three years. Together, they have identified the food supply chain as a ripe candidate for a true data driven solution that gives a real time universal point of the truth. Crisp was born.

Two bottom lines.

Crisp believes that sustained change can only happen if there is also a financial benefit for our customers. Lost sales because of out-of-stock situations or waste due to over-stock means lost profit. If our customers succeed, then together we also contribute to solving the World’s food waste problems.

Connected to Each Other and the Planet

We’re looking for dedicated, creative people to join us in making Crisp even better. Is that you?