Connect the dots from campaign to shelf.

A modern solution for brands and advertisers

Crisp’s open API aggregates live retailer data and pipes it into media buying platforms and business intelligence tools, helping brands and their technology partners automate ad targeting and increase efficiency. Crisp can pinpoint what’s in stock and what isn’t — so marketers can target campaigns where product is on-shelf and measure campaign performance in real time.

Geo-target according to on-shelf inventory

Crisp’s open-data platform interprets data from retailers and distributors to surface insights on sales, distribution, and inventory in real time. Finally, agencies and brands can connect campaigns to on-shelf product availability, eliminating ad waste.

Measure ROAS in real time

With up-to-date sales data down to the store level, Crisp can measure sales lift and help marketers understand the impact of ad campaigns. Get live updates on sales and inventory data to optimize campaigns in real time, evaluate sales lift at each location, and validate ROI.

Drive store-level sales

Crisp analyzes sales data to identify at-risk locations that can dictate geographical Share of Voice (SOV). Heavy-up on lower performing stores to help brands drive sales and strengthen partnerships with retailers.

Trigger creative to reduce and prevent waste

For many retailers and distributors, Crisp can identify inventory at risk of spoilage. Marketers can use this data to adapt creative, promoting a coupon to move product off the shelf and prevent waste.

Improve media planning

Access up to two years of look-back data on sales and distribution to tailor future campaigns. Planning a product launch? Know exactly when a new product hits the shelves in every store to orchestrate campaigns across markets and media channels.

  • Crisp is one of the first things I open up on the computer each morning. It’s our mission control.
    Bruce Weyman
    Bruce Weyman

    Sales Director, Split Nutrition

  • With Crisp, we have 
the data access of a much larger company.
    James Fayal
    James Fayal

    CEO, Zest Tea

  • Once you’re on Crisp, there’s no way you want to leave it. It’s lifeblood at this point for a business.
    Steve Hanley
    Steve Hanley

    CEO, RX Sugar

Get Data Ready today.

At Crisp, we allow food brands and retailers to stay ahead of the game. Whether it’s rapidly-evolving consumer behavior, identifying potential supply chain disruptions, or tracking inventory and product performance – we have everything you need to get Data Ready.

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