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We consolidate every ounce of your data for optimal forecasting and ideal production.

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Consolidate your data for fresh insights

The cost of untapped data is real for the fresh food category, and it impacts the entire food supply chain. Our ability to consolidate all of your siloed data and provide real-time, more precise forecasting, makes you a better partner and increases enterprise value.

As both a retailer and supplier, REMA is committed to reducing waste throughout the supply chain. Crisp shares these values and we are pleased to partner with them on tracking and tracing inventory, increased vendor cooperation and more precise forecasting.

- Henning Honsvall, Chief Digital Officer

Data that delivers results


Turn the food supply chain into a true value chain.

Sandwich Top Bun
Sandwich Ham Slice
Sandwich Cheese Slice
Sandwich Lettuce Slice
Sandwich Tomato Slice
Sandwich Onion Slice
Sandwich Mustard
Sandwich Bottom Bun
Sandwich Stack

Bring together all data points including sales, inventory, retail portals, third party marketing data, promotions, weather and holidays.

Say good-bye to manually uploading and downloading Excel spreadsheets as your data is processed for AI-driven demand forecasting, sales analytics, BI and more.

Ultimately we help our clients drive value by pushing data to your existing systems from staffing to operations, making them all smarter.

Grown out of a need

1/3 of the world’s food production is wasted.

One of the greatest challenges facing the world today is how to feed a growing global population, and provide nutritious and tasty food that is produced in a sustainable and efficient way. Founder and CEO Are Traasdahl is no stranger to using data and algorithms to analyze and solve for large and complex problems. After creating companies like Tapad and iHeartRadio, he decided to focus on how the latest in tech and AI can address the world’s key food problems. Crisp was born from this mission.

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