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Questions about Crisp? We’ve got answers.

  • How does Crisp access retail data?

    Crisp acts as a brand’s authorized data agent, which means we ingest your data on your behalf. Crisp adheres to the security requirements of every retailer and distributor data portal. Any sensitive data, such as access credentials, are encrypted and stored according to industry best practices.

  • Can I see Crisp’s full data schema?

    Yes. During the demo, we’ll walk you through Crisp’s data catalog, which includes all the tables across source, normalized, and harmonized data sets. Crisp also has detailed documentation, including primary and foreign keys, for easy reference.

  • Can Crisp pull data from other brands?

    Crisp only pulls data that belongs to a given brand and never pulls POS data from other brands. Data is encrypted and stored in a private, secure warehouse.

    Crisp can ingest syndicated data from Nielsen IQ for customers that have an existing NIQ subscription.

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