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With Crisp and Snowflake, Sunday’s bottom line is always green.

The Sunday team uses Crisp to pipe their retail data directly into Snowflake, giving them insights to create a one-of-a-kind customer experience.


Two channels, two sets of data

When it comes to data, Sunday is in a league of its own. Launched in 2019, Sunday leverages technology to offer customized lawn care plans and products made with non-toxic ingredients. It’s all possible thanks to data: information about location, soil type, and climate helps each customer keep grass thriving and pests at bay, all while protecting the planet. They make it happen with Snowflake, which Jesse describes as “the brain of everything we do.” 

Sunday is a direct-to-consumer company at heart, but after launching at retailers such as Walmart and Lowe’s, they officially became an omnichannel brand. Sunday sees retail as the gateway to a deeper relationship with every customer. This requires an understanding of the interplay between in-store and online shopping, as well as the impact of digital engagement on retail sales. To bring those two sides of the business together, the Sunday team needed to aggregate their DTC and retail data in Snowflake. That’s when they found Crisp.


Data ROI from day one

Now, Sunday uses Crisp to pipe their retail data directly into their Snowflake instance. This enables them to seamlessly analyze all retail data in Snowflake, and combine it with existing DTC and weather data sets for truly unique and actionable insights. For example, Sunday recently began marketing through media like video, podcast, and radio, and cohesive data is helping them target campaigns and measure performance across the business.  

Sunday also combines omnichannel sales data with geographic and weather data, which is critical to their peak season: the start of spring. Because spring rolls out gradually from South to North in the US, Sunday can learn from sales patterns in Southern climates and apply lessons learned as the season progresses. This is possible thanks to Crisp’s data augmentation, which adds coordinates onto store addresses to enable mapping and detailed analysis. Sunday already has GPS coordinates for DTC customers to offer their customized lawn care solutions – but with Crisp, Sunday can apply those all-star analytics across the entire business.

Ultimately, having all of their data in one place has made the two sides of Sunday’s business feel more like one. “Crisp has actually brought the team together,” Jesse reflects. “We’re a single entity trying to drive toward one mission.”

Fresh-cut results:

• Saved time aggregating retailer data into Snowflake 

• Unlocked new insights across retail and DTC

• Improved effectiveness of promotions during peak season

• Broke down silos across teams

Favorite Tool:

Snowflake Outbound Connector:

Crisp pipes data from retailers and distributors directly into Snowflake to enable fast, actionable insights.

“On our own, we would have been wandering through trying to piece our retail data together. From day one, Crisp gave us such a huge return on investment.”

Jesse McClure
VP of Technology

Watch how Crisp helped Sunday create a one-of-a-kind customer experience

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