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Case Study

Thanks to Crisp, Swoon’s data will always be pink-carpet ready.

By leveraging their data in Crisp, Swoon was able to rollout their new Barbie™ Pink Lemonade into retail chains, and seize every opportunity from their partnership with Mattel.


A refreshing solution with muddled visibility

In 2017, co-founders Jen Ross and Cristina Ros Blankfein embarked on a journey to create a beverage company with a simple yet powerful mission: to eliminate sugar from society while keeping life sweet.

Today, Swoon sells zero-sugar ready-to-drink teas and lemonades in retailers nationwide, effectively growing their mission to get cans in more hands. 

When Swoon’s VP of Finance and Operations Rachel Meyers joined in 2020, she recognized the need for better visibility into the “second half of the company’s supply chain” to properly execute order fulfillment to distributors and retailers. But tracking inventory across various retailers proved challenging and time-consuming, leaving Rachel to waste valuable time wrangling siloed vendor portal reports.

When Swoon discovered Crisp, they immediately saw the value of having all of their inventory data in one place.


Leveraging data to stir up success

With Crisp, the process of executing sales orders became user-friendly, making it easy for the team to track inventory reports each week. “Previously, we couldn’t manipulate the data to make it actionable,” Rachel explains. “But with Crisp, it already is.”

The Swoon team uses Crisp’s inventory and fill-rate reports to optimize distribution and maximize revenue, saving hours each week while keeping shelves stocked and boosting their bottom line. With Crisp, they achieved a 12% increase in average fill rate to stores, impressing retail partners and helping build positive relationships.

Swoon has also used data in Crisp to navigate buyer conversations and unlock expansion opportunities. Leveraging Crisp, they’ve introduced additional SKUs into retail chains, including a partnership with Mattel that will place Barbie-branded Pink Lemonade cans on shelves nationwide. To make the most of the opportunity, the Swoon team is using data in Crisp to offer recommended order volumes, making sure no opportunities are missed. From there, the team tracks their subsequent success through real-time data – and has seen triple digit sales increases at leading national retailers in July.

Results: Sweet summer success

  • Increased store fill rate by 12% YoY
  • Utilized Crisp to execute and track the nationwide rollout of Barbie pink lemonade
  • Hit the bullseye with 127% sales increase of pink lemonade at a retail giant in July 🎯
  • Achieved 234% sales increase of pink lemonade at a leading natural foods retailer in July

Favorite Insight:

KeHE fill-rate to stores

Maximizes the revenue potential of products on-hand by ensuring products are sent from distributors to retailers.

“With Crisp, we’re definitely selling more because we’re consistently in stock. But more than that we’re building positive, trusting relationships with retailers that benefit the business.” 

Rachel Severo
VP of Finance and Operations

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