UNFI Insights

Get instant insights directly within your myUNFI portal

Access real-time UNFI data across natural and conventional with dashboards to expand distribution, track inventory, and more.

For more information, contact your UNFI SRM.

Power your data, grow your brand

Crisp and UNFI have partnered to offer UNFI Insights, a new data program that brings the power of Crisp’s data platform directly into your myUNFI portal.

  • Data at your fingertips: Access the latest data across natural and conventional directly within myUNFI, or export data into the tools you use today.
  • Powerful new reports: Interactive dashboards with new data sets help you expand distribution, track category growth, prevent out-of-stocks, and more.

UNFI Insights Dashboards

Crisp’s interactive dashboards directly within your myUNFI portal reveal valuable insights that can impact your day-to-day success.

Sales Dashboards

Sales: Track sales trends, seasonal patterns, and growth over time with up to 2 years of historical data.

Velocity: Explore filterable charts and maps to understand where velocity is strong and where it can improve.

Category Analysis: Understand and demonstrate how your products contribute to category growth.

Sales Drivers: See which products are driving growth and how product performance has changed over time.

Potential Lost Sales: Identify DCs and products where you may be missing out on sales, comparing weekly sales forecasts to orders on hand.

Distribution Dashboards

Distribution: Know where your product is distributed and where it’s selling

Distribution expansion: Find the chains, geographies, and stores where your products are most likely to succeed based on sales trends

Retention: View new and lost points of distribution, and identify at-risk points of distribution, so you can take action to retain stores

Supply Chain Dashboards

Inventory: Monitor on-hand DC inventory to proactively replenish supply, avoid out-of-stocks, and allocate resources efficiently. 

Fill Rate: Track your service levels to distribution centers and find areas where you may be over or under-shipping.

Spoilage Risk: Identify products nearing expiration, helping you reduce waste and save costs.

Export your UNFI data into local or cloud-based apps.

UNFI Insights can automatically integrate your UNFI reports into your tool of choice, from Excel to BI tools to your cloud data warehouse. Data-savvy employees can spend less time downloading reports and focus on more value-added analysis, and everyone from accounting to operations gets the information they need where they need it.

Consolidate your UNFI reports with other retail accounts

Crisp also aggregates data from retailer and distributor portals such as:

Crisp Tools and Features

Get more from your data with these handy dashboard features:

Automatic reports

Crisp automatically ingests new UNFI Supplier Portal reports when they’re available, saving you valuable time

Drill down

Filter by item, location and date to dig into the details with just a click


Crisp aggregates, consolidates, and joins reports so data is ready to use


Clickable heat maps help you see your business and zoom in on areas of interest

Case Studies

  • Brew Dr. Kombucha

    Brew Dr. Kombucha tapped into real-time distribution insights with Crisp, strengthening its supplier partnership and accelerating market success.

  • Nestlé USA

    Explore how Nestlé USA transformed UNFI data management, navigated complex distribution, and boosted its $300M business segment with actionable insights from Crisp.

  • poppi

    Can digital ads drive brick-and-mortar sales? Poppi’s partnership with Tinuiti and Crisp reveals an 80% boost in areas targeted by TikTok campaigns.

  • MUSH

    Crisp revolutionized MUSH’s operations with real-time data insights, ensuring they rise and shine as breakfast champions in the retail aisle.

  • Ritual

    With retail data delivered automatically through Snowflake, Crisp helped Ritual unlock omnichannel success while avoiding the cost and workload of managing data pipelines internally.

  • ZURU

    From Monday Haircare to their viral Mini Brands™, ZURU group is ready to launch any product thanks to Crisp’s data-ready platform.