• Easily monitor and manage every EDI order, shipment, and invoice

    From PO to payment, Commerce Desktop simplifies every aspect of EDI compliance for CPG suppliers. Our intuitive cloud-based interface gives you clear visibility into every EDI transaction and integrates seamlessly with your backend systems.

Process EDI orders quickly and confidently

Commerce Desktop instantly translates EDI PO data into actionable orders with all the information you need, including customer messages and order histories.

  • Auto-complete missing product details and prices from your database for fast, accurate processing
  • View clear and complete packing and distribution details for bulk, cross-dock, or drop shipment orders
  • Filter by retailer, date, status, and more for flexible reporting

Ship accurately and efficiently

Effortlessly initiate a shipment from any PO and automatically generate EDI-compliant ASN documentation with carrier and tracking details.

  • Integrate directly with your 3PL partner systems
  • Instantly tally cartons and pallets based on your pre-configured pack quantities
  • Automatically generate shipping labels or barcodes

Simplify EDI-compliant invoicing

Once your shipment is on its way, create an invoice in Commerce Desktop and generate an EDI-compliant invoice, including all taxes and retailer-specific variances.

  • Customize invoice numbers, terms, discounts, and prices as needed
  • Invoice from the order or the shipment for short shipments
  • Track and validate EDI remittance notices to close the loop

FAQs about Crisp EDI Commerce Desktop

  • What kind of user support is available?

    From setup and day-to-day helpdesk needs to error handling and customizations, we’re here for you and your Commerce Desktop users. We communicate directly with your customers’ EDI teams to resolve any issues that come up, because we not only speak the language of EDI, we also speak the language of CPG.

  • Will I pay extra for mapping updates?

    No. As your EDI customers change invoice requirements, add new transaction types, or make other changes, we keep your mapping up to date and fully compliant at no extra cost.

  • What if an order contains incomplete product information or only UPCs?

    For EDI orders with limited product data, Commerce Desktop can auto-complete product information from your master database to make order reports more useful for your fulfillment team.

  • Can Commerce Desktop handle drop shipments?

    You can manage your drop-ship orders end to end with Commerce Desktop. We can pull drop-ship data directly from platforms such as CommerceHub and ChannelAdvisor so you can manage all your shipments from one dashboard.

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