How Crisp works

A closer look at how
Crisp unlocks your retail data.

Crisp connects, normalizes, and analyzes disparate retail data sources, providing CPG brands with up-to-date, actionable insights.

Crisp connectors collect
data in real-time

Crisp connects to the top 80% of U.S. retailers and distributors. Our ELT pipeline ingests a live-feed of data from vendor portals to bring you real-time data that is normalized, reliable, and ready to use — so you never have to download a report again.

The platform normalizes, aggregates, and validates
your data.

Crisp’s team of engineers and data scientists created a platform that does the hard work to make sure your data is reliable and ready-to-use. This means reconciling when products are named differently, testing for missing entries, adding coordinates onto store addresses, or joining together different reports so you can view the big picture.

You get to see it all in one custom dashboard.

Crisp’s dashboards provide insights that anyone on your team can access, bringing important trends to the surface and making it easy to drill into the details. With a few clicks, you can see how a certain product is selling in different zip codes, where your velocity is highest, and whether or not you’re stocked up going into a promotion.

Pipeline your data into local or cloud-based apps.

Crisp automatically pipes the latest retail and distributor data in a usable format into your tool of choice, from Excel to BI tools to your cloud data warehouse. Data-savvy employees can spend less time downloading reports and focus on more value-added analysis, and everyone from accounting to operations gets the information they need where they need it.

Voilá, you’re ready for every meeting, line review or product launch.

You’re product launch ready, end of the day meeting ready, line review ready. Whatever the day brings you, you’re ready for it at a moments notice. Just log in and bring your data story wherever you need it.

Let the data flow.

Crisp automatically ingests, aggregates, and analyzes data from 40+ retailers and distributors, giving brands timely, actionable insights to keep shelves stocked and sales growing.

To get your data flowing, contact our team today.